Chocolate makes things better

Happy weekend! It’s gorgeous outside, so this is going to be a quick blog post 🙂

Workout Recap

Wednesday: 6 miles in 51:20, morning run with Alma, legs felt a little tired after Tuesday’s track workout. I had the usual IT band twinges in my right knee, but it felt better than usual.

Thursday: 3 miles in 23:50, Lunchtime run on the treadmill – switched the pace every 1/2 mile to keep things interesting. My IT band and hamstring felt awesome! No pain.

Friday: 3 miles in 26:00, pre-coffee (aghh!) morning run followed up by a 45 minute lunchtime spinning class.

Saturday: 13 miles in ~2 hours, easy-paced long run with Alma and Jacqui. Wore the Asics 2150’s and had virtually NO IT band pain. Yay. Dear Central Park, please turn ALL of the water fountains on. Ok, thx!

I’ve run 41 miles so far this week and my IT band seems to be feeling better. I’ve been foam rolling, stretching, and doing 3 x 10 single leg squats every day. I think (hope!) it’s working.

Besides fitting in some good runs, this week has been sort of stressful. Without getting into details, there were multiple nights  where I didn’t get home from work and sit down to dinner until the 10pm hour. Stress means I’ve been eating a LOT of chocolate – I bought a big bag of Dove promises chocolates on Wednesday. That bag is long gone.

Besides chocolate, I’ve been eatin’ some good stuff-

I really think that a banana (potassium), cottage cheese (protein + sodium), and whole grain toast with pb&j is the perfect post-run power breakfast. So many nutrients!

power breakfast

I received a sample of pretzel m&m’s in the mail the other day – loved ’em! This new product is a nice mix of sweet, salty, and crunchy.

pretzel m&m's

Although I love chocolate, I also tried to gobble up some veg in the form of giant salads. My usual lunchtime mix includes mixed greens, onions, mushrooms, shredded carrots, chickpeas, feta cheese, croutons, sriracha, and lil bit of wheatberry salad.


Pistachios are perfect for a stressed out gal. Cracking open the shells is therapeutic!


The yummiest quick dinner ever??? A baked (ok, microwaved) sweet potato topped with coconut butter.

sweet potato with coconut

And for dessert – a semi-frozen caramel oikos greek yogurt with a dollop of nutella mixed in.

caramel oikos

Ok, I’m off to go cross some things off my summer to-do list!

Question: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

  • Great workouts so far this week! I’m glad you’re pain-free, for the moment!

  • Great job on the workouts!
    Pretzel M&Ms, interesting. Is it like pretzels coated in chocolate, pretzels and M&Ms, details? 🙂

  • Aww, sorry you’ve been stressed! It’s the worst when things feel like that 🙁 chocolate DOES make everything better though, right?! I feel like you would be a good person to answer the question about choc chip cookies on my blog. I value your opinion on the matter!!

    Glad to see you got some good mileage in despite the high stress. Good effort!!

  • Pretzel M&Ms look amazingggg!!!!!

    I’m glad your IT band issue has improved…I had IT band problems a couple of years ago…it’s such a pain but it looks like the sneakers and foam roller has helped you! 🙂

  • I have been nursing a sore left shin with chocolate all week! I swear, it works! That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it.

  • jacqui

    Your salad looks delicious! I’m totally craving one right now. Nothing makes my stomach happy more than lettuce paired with legumes!

    I’m still basking in the glory of our run this morning. We *must* do that again. The reservoir was gorgeous!

  • Great workouts! I love just plain old “vanilla” ice cream…yummy!

  • Hagen Daaz vanilla swiss almond! and Breyers Neopolitan swirled and mushed up into a kid-like cream!

  • Yay to pain free runs! When i’m stressed running seems to help reduce it.

  • Yo, your work stress is lame. I’m sorry you’ve been stuck in la oficina at all hours. Hopefully there’s an end in sight? I’ve also been tapping deep into the chocolate food group this week. As in, Nutella is going on my no-fly zone because I can’t keep my damn spoon out of it.

    Ok. I’m ranting. Yay for good runs! Happy Sunday!

  • I’m already counting down the days until pumpkin ice cream comes back…

  • I love how you eat so healthfully the majority of the time, but you also let yourself indulge in things you really love, like chocolate!

    I don’t have one favorite flavor of ice cream, but it must include chocolate! I think the perfect dish would be a scoop of black cherry and a scoop of chocolate chocolate chunk!

  • Pretzel m&ms? My life is complete!

  • I’m eating dark chocolate Dove as we speak!! I have a running question though. I am more new to the running world (I trained for 9 weeks and actually ran my first half TODAY!), but I am wondering if you usually run every day. I only run 4 times/week and I think that is all my body can handle. Have you always run everyday?

    Love your blog! Thanks for all the tips!

  • My favorite ice cream is actually a soft-serve twist cone, but, if I gotta go traditional ice cream, you’ll find me heading for the chocolate peanut butter variety 🙂

  • I can’t believe they STILL haven’t turned all of the drinking fountains on! I noticed that last weekend and it annoyed the crap out of me.

    Glad your IT is holding up better! 🙂

    (My fave ice cream is hands-down mint chocolate chip. Yum.)

  • Oh my goodness, all your food looks so delicious and nutritious!

    It’s my philosophy too that if you overeat the chocolate (or peanut butter, or cake, whatever) that you should still be sure to get enough plant matter in your day. There’s so sense trying to make up for it save calories by skipping out on fruit and veges!

  • Fave ice cream?! Oh LORD – what is not my fave? Haha – seriously though. I love cookies and cream, and vanilla hits the spot sometimes.
    Ooooh pretzel M&M’s…yum

  • HOLY SHITE. pretzel M&Ms?!?!?!?!?!?!