10k Prep

TGIF. This week actually went by a little too quickly (my to-do list is still too long, gahhh!), but I’ll never complain about it being the weekend. Tomorrow is my next race – the Healthy Kidney 10k. This race usually brings out a decent elite field, so it should be an exciting event to run and watch! I haven’t run a 10k since 2008 (46:49) and since it was only a few weeks post-marathon it wasn’t an all-out effort. I’m feeling pretty strong, so I’m hoping to run sub-7:00 pace tomorrow (or about 43:30). The weather report looks good, so hopefully my legs cooperate!

Last night I didn’t get out the door for my run until nearly 9pm (oops), so I just did a short 4 miler. The last mile of my run was done up the West side of the park (i.e. mile 3 of the race) and I ran it pretty fast (6:45) to get a feel for race pace. Holy hills. Basically the first 3 miles of tomorrow’s 10k are uphill, meaning I need to start off conservatively and hopefully pickup pace in the later half of the race. Ideally, I’d start out running 7:05’s for the first few miles and finish up with some 6:50’s. Here’s hoping!

This morning I actually woke up early enough to make coffee at home (win!). Hello, Frida Kahlo mug. I’ve missed you!

Frida coffee mug

Once I got to work, I chowed down on a  “power breakfast”: sliced banana, cottage cheese, and Eli Zabar’s health bread with pb & j. I love this combo!

power breakfast

Confession: In the past 2 weeks, I’ve made about 4 (failed) attempts at going to a spinning class. I always talk myself out at the last minute. And even though I know the cross-training is good for me, I’d rather run! Anyway, I was super proud of myself for attending a 45 minute spinning class during lunch. I wasn’t totally thrilled to be there, but I stuck it out.

The cafeteria options were kind of slim today (no beans on the salad bar, wtf), so my salad was a bit lacking in protein: mixed greens, shredded carrots, red onion, cucumber, green beans, roasted potatoes, feta cheese, pasta shells, and sriracha sauce.


Not surprisingly I was hungry about an hour later.

Today is one of the last days of Starbuck’s 1/2 price frappuccino promotion, so obviously I had to get one. On the menu board I noticed that a tall mocha lite frappuccino only has 100 calories. It tastes like a frosty! If you’re watching your caloric intake this would be a great dessert replacement (you can even get it decaf). Bonus: the ‘bucks now uses Stevia instead of Splenda to sweeten their lite drinks.

I also scrounged up some honey nut cheerios. I felt like a kindergartner while I was eating them by the handful.


After work, I ran to NYRR (about 3 miles round trip) to pick-up my race packet. It was hot. I was tired. Meh.

I refueled with a new Odwalla beverage that I received as a sample. I had about 1/2 bottle of Odwalla’s new Strawberry Protein Monster.



  • would make an easy post-workout snack
  • 25g of protein per bottle
  • good source of vitamin B and calcium


  • 300 calories per bottle (for 300 calories, I’d rather ice cream)
  • Soy protein powder taste (not a fan of this)
  • 33g of sugar per bottle (whoaaa)

I like the idea of a fruity protein beverage, but 300 calories and 33g of sugar for a drink just seems like too much – especially when it tastes “healthy”.

Dinner was simple, but it did use up some fridge leftovers: arugula, roasted sweet potato, 1/2 can chickpeas, shredded mozzarella, hummus, and sriracha. I used a LOT of sriracha and my mouth was on fiyah. I had to grab some un-pictured Kashi crackers to cool it down.


I also had a healthy-ish dessert: chocolate sorbet (homemade!), truwhip, and sliced strawberries.


Ok, I have a race in the morning. I’m going to lay out my uniform and set my alarm. Stay tuned for a race recap!

Drink this, make less mistakes at work.

Which burns more calories – running or weight training?

What are your thoughts on running during pregnancy?Would you or have you ever run while expecting? I cover Kara Goucher and Paula Radcliffe’s training in the latest Running Shorts article – Baby on board.

UPDATE: 42:59 for the 10k. Wheeee. Full recap later.

  • Good luck tomorrow! I’m sure you’ll do fine.
    I’m just not a fan of most Odwalla, except their carrot juice. That they do right!

  • Good luck in your race! At least it should be an easy PR…

  • Good luck meeting your goal! I really hope to stay running once prego but we’ll see.

  • Goodluck!!! I know you will make your goal! 🙂

  • Em

    Good luck on your race and enjoy your weekend!

    Your breakfast looks delicious! Those are some of my favorite foods ever 🙂

  • I haven’t read your Running Shorts article yet but I would run during pregnancy so long as my doctor gave me the go ahead. As far as I have read it’s safe to continue at the level you were running pre-pregnancy. I’d probably cut it down as I got more pregnant – I can’t imagine it’s that fun running hard when you’re 8 months gone! – but not stop entirely.
    What about you?!

    Good luck today! Looking forward to your recap.

  • Anon

    CONGRATS on your 10k time!!!

    I ran while pregnant with both of my kiddos … my 1st I ran til 5 days before her due date; the second I ran the day before she was born. I was at 40-50 mpw pre-pg and dropped to about 30 in 1st/2nd trimester, then 20 in 3rd trimester. And I would certainly say it was more “jog” than “run”! Both times I just paid attention to my body and both babes were super healthy when born.

    Best part: post-delivery, my legs were much stronger from having run with the extra 35 lbs on them. I’ve actually had faster times post-pg than pre, interesting enough.

  • emily

    wow! your race time is really impressive. i ran the race this morning, too, but it took me a little over an hour. keep up the good work, megan!

  • OMG wicked time. I just ran a 10K yesterday at 52:30…..any tips youd like to share 😉

  • Way to go on the race! That is some serious speed there, lady 🙂

    Really liked the T/S article. As someone getting to an age where (gulp) babies might be on the horizon in the next year or two, it’s comforting to know that you can still be active while pregnant. I’m no super athlete, but I’d want to keep running while pregnant, both for physical health and mental sanity reasons, as long as I was cleared by a doctor and could manage it.