Fueled by Starbucks

After a few days of rest and easy-easy miles, I felt ready for a longer run. A bunch of my teammates were running the Scotland 10K in Central Park on Saturday, so I planned to do a long run beforehand. I slept a little later than I intended, so breakfast was more rushed than usual – black coffee and a luna bar.

luna bar

After a few miles solo, I met my friend Jacqui for the bulk of our long run. We paused after about 10 miles to cheer for the 10K racers. Cheering was almost as much fun as racing…maybe even more fun! We stationed ourselves at the top of the West Harlem Hill (2.5 mile mark) and had a blast cheering and screaming our heads off. I love how inclusive the running community is. I had no idea who most of these runners were, but at that moment they all felt like my friends. Hah, I know that sounds so corny, but it’s true! We finished up our run by running down the West side. At this point I had run 13+ miles, I was thirsty, hungry, sweaty, and tired. I decided to run just a little bit longer in search of a Starbucks. Finally, I spotted the familiar green logo of the ‘bucks. I pulled out my sweaty $5 bill (sorry about that barista….) and ordered a grande iced coffee with sugar and soymilk. Heavenly.

Rehydrating with iced coffee may not be the wisest of plans, but it tasted delicious. However, when I got to the 72nd St subway entrance my metro card was nowhere to be found. Normally this would only be a minor inconvenience – I’d just buy for a single ride. Unfortunately, a single ride now costs $2.25. And guess how much change I had left from my coffee? $2.22 – three cents short. %$#@^!!

I thought about asking a stranger for a nickle, but then I chickened out. Instead I began the trek uptown. I walked for 2 miles and while it wasn’t exactly pleasant (my legs hurt! I was hungry!), at least the weather was nice. Somewhere around 100th street, I couldn’t take walking anymore and decided to just run the rest of the way home (iced coffee in hand).  Finally, finally, finally after 15 miles of running and 2 miles of walking – I was back at my apartment. Moral of the story? Don’t forget/lose your metro card on a long run.

The empty coffee cup.

iced coffee

3 cents shy of a subway fare….


Obviously I was a hungry beast after all that running. I toasted up some Ezekiel sprouted grain bread and topped it with almond butter, jam, and sliced banana. Plus lots more almond butter straight from the jar.


And greek yogurt.


After showering and folding the laundry that I had washed…errr 24 hours ago, I was ready for more fuel. I guess this meal would be considered lunch? I made a delicious smoothie using a banana, 1 cup frozen berries, 1 cup almond milk, 1 Tbs raw cacao, and 2 big handfuls of spinach. Unfortunately smoothies are 1) not very photogeneic and 2) I drank most of it before I remembered to snap a photo. It was good, I promise.


And a big pot of stovetop popcorn – made using 2 Tbs canola oil and 1/2 cup popcorn kernels.


If your roommate buys you some dark chocolate with sea salt, how do you show your appreciation? By eating some, of course. Thanks Alma! This is my all-time favorite type of chocolate 🙂

dark chocolate sea salt

The remainder of my day was spent watching Mad Men Season 3 on netflix (!!) and babying my legs (esp. the right IT band). The living room resembled a physical therapy office – ice packs, foam roller, the stick, and arnica cream (love.this.stuff!)

foam roller

Umm, I almost didn’t take a photo of my  salad. It truly is what my blog friends Holly and Chelsea deem a “junk salad”. I just threw whatever I had in the fridge into a bowl and called it dinner. The mix involved: spinach, chopped celery, sauerkraut (yeah, I know…), dried cherries, pinto beans, feta cheese, kashi TLC crackers, and sriracha sauce.

junk salad

And then some of this dangerous delicious ice cream – Edy’s girl scout cookie Tagalong flavor. 12 servings? Umm, this carton will maybe last me 4 days. Maybe.

Tagalong ice cream

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Have you ever forgotten something vitally important on a long run? Keys, subway fare, TP?

  • Laura

    It was so great to see you at the top of Harlem Hill! It made me smile for the entire trek up the other side of the hill! You guys were maybe the best cheerers I’ve ever seen at a race too–so genuinely enthusiastic! I agree about how small the running world is here: sometimes, I like cheering my friends almost as much as racing. 🙂

  • I have forgotten all kinds of things in the days I used to shower at the gym! I went to work comando more times than I can count…

  • Jenna

    Thanks for the motivation at the top of the Harlem Hill…it definitely helped especially since I was having a bad race day + running extra miles dressed way too warm!

    Last summer in the 18 mile tune up it was non stop raining. I ran 2 miles to the start when I realized I had only $2 on my metro card and no cash to get home. (similar problem from the increase in the subway fare!) Luckily my bf surprised me at the finish with cab money and an extra shirt!

  • I love the running community and totally get wha you’re talking about… It’s like a big happy family. Your mileage is always amazing!

  • Amy

    So, I just started reading your blog recently, but when I got to the top of the hill on Saturday, I thought you looked familiar! Thanks for cheering!

  • Ouch! I probably would have gone scurrying on the ground, looking for a nickel. I remember at the beginning of the year not taking my keys when me and my roommate hadn’t known each other well. Thankfully, they just were in the shower

  • Err yeah. I didn’t take my housekeys with me on a long run over christmas and the boy had popped out while I was gone to go christmas shopping! He thought I had my keys with me..I thought he was staying home. Moral of the story: communicate!! Ha.

    Luckily a passer-by lent me a phone to call him and tell him to hurry home whilst I did jumping jacks in the garage to keep warm!! It was about 5F!

  • Jacqui

    I love that you took a photo of the money!! And boy do I have major plans to catch up on Mad Men after this stupid test is overrrr. I can’t wait!

    Cheering was seriously SO FUN – we **must** do that again!!

  • Oh noooo! I’m sorry I’m laughing at your predicament! That does sound terrible. At least it was nice out…right?

    I’ve been locked out of my house after a 17-mile run (requiring me to get a chair, break through a screen and climb into a window), but the best was probably a run I got so lost on that I had to hitchhike back to town. All class, all the time over here.

  • janetha

    i LOVE the stick!

  • So sorry you had to run/walk all the way home! That sucks. Hope you’re all rested up now!

  • Did you see me on Saturday ? I was wearing a red shirt and and a white cap !

  • I am in LOVE with tagalongs. I want that ice cream NOW. ALSO, i am currently enjoying season 3 of madmen as well, but on sketchy internet sites instead of netflix…whoops.

  • That ice cream looks insanely good! I am going to have to find it; this could be very, very bad!

  • I forgot my keys on a long run once..but that’s as far as it goes!
    And :O we have that exact same Greek yogurt/honey yogurt combo over here! Yay 🙂

  • Elise

    Thanks again for coming to the race!! It was so great to have a familiar face and your enthusiasm definitely made me smile 🙂 I agree about the running community- especially in this city!! P.S. I may or may not have cried a few times cheering people on at the marathon this past year…there are some really inspirational runners out there!!!

  • Seriously 15 miles! Such a rockstar. Also, I lovelovelove making popcorn on the stove top instead of in those instant bags. It just tastes so much fresher. 🙂

  • Gah! I’ve never seen the tagalongs flavor… ususally I don’t forget anything but when I do, it’s music- and I love my music when I run!

  • Ellen

    Whoa, that ice cream DOES look dangerous! Yuummm. I don’t think I have ever left anything I needed during a long run (although I haven’t done anything over 5 miles since last summer!) I do tend to get lost when I’m doing a new route though, and that usually leads to long runs! I hate it at the time, but always feel good to get the unintentional extra mileage in 🙂


  • I forgot my Kleenex! It was awful. 🙁 I was getting over a cold too and desperately needed it.

  • I can’t believe you were three cents short for your ride home – I wouldn’t have asked anyone for the extra money either…

    I love the Edy’s Thin Mint ice cream – so delicious!

  • OMG This happened to me a few weeks ago! I forgot my metro card and cell phone. Therefore I had to ask a stranger to use his phone so I could call Bo. So embarassing:(

  • Phillip

    I’m always worried about losing my metrocard mid-run. Hasn’t happened yet, but I’ve been locked out of the apartment at least a few times (from forgetting my keys, not losing them.)
    Anyway, next time no soy milk!

  • Ack, so sorry to hear you were stranded without means of public transportation! Just think of it this way, the 2 mile walk probably helped to stretch out your legs. 🙂

    I agree, that sea salt topped dark chocolate is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever come across.

    I’ve got to get some of that Girl Scout ice cream! I’ve also got to arrange for a friend to help me eat it. Otherwise, things could get scary.

    Amazing job on the run!

  • Wow, that turned out to be a super long run! I wish I had seen you at the race. It was a gorgeous day outside though – as good a day as any to get stranded I guess.

  • The worst was when I was marathon training mode and I had a 23 mile run planned. I didn’t take my house key because I left the backdoor unlocked. Well my husband not knowing that I didn’t have a key locked the back door and went out to run errands. When I got home, tired, hot, and hungry I no way into my house and no cell phone to call! I ended up just going next door and asking our neighbor to use their phone. I couldn’t get a hold of my husband so my sweet neighbor actually ended up feedng me…haha! We are good friends with them now! 🙂

  • I totally saw you and Jacqui at the top of that hill – recognized you guys from the handful of CTPC workouts I’ve been to. I didn’t put together this blog = you until just now. 🙂 I love it!

    And holy cripes, I have to pick up some of that ice cream…I’m not usually a huge sweets person but ice cream and GS cookies are seriously my two sweet-tooth weaknesses. Looks amazing!

  • After a freaky allergy attack while running last year (possibly because of an insect bite? Who knows?) I always have my cell phone–whether I get injured, lost, or extremely tired, hopefully a friend nearby is just a phone call away.

    If I forgot it, I’d be bound to get into some trouble.

  • I LOVE me a good junk salad! for some reason, you can throw together so many combos and it just WORKS!

    ummm, i totally give you major props for all that running, esp with an iced coffee in hand. if that had happened to me, i definitely would not be in as good of spirits as you are. happy tuesday lady!

  • The worst was when I was marathon training mode and I had a 23 mile run planned. I didn’t take my house key because I left the backdoor unlocked. Well my husband not knowing that I didn’t have a key locked the back door and went out to run errands. When I got home, tired, hot, and hungry I no way into my house and no cell phone to call! I ended up just going next door and asking our neighbor to use their phone. I couldn’t get a hold of my husband so my sweet neighbor actually ended up feedng me…haha! We are good friends with them now! 🙂