April Showers

 Jam-packed is the best way to describe my weekend. Between travelling to and from Pennsylvania, visiting with my family, bridal shower duties, and time with friends, I felt like I was constantly on the go. I had hoped to do a long run (10+ miles), but that just didn’t happen. My motto is – “If you can’t run far, at least run fast!” On Saturday I squeezed in a 3-mile run before heading out for drinks with some friends and then on Sunday I managed to fit in a speedy 4-mile run. I got back to my family’s house approximately 50 minutes before I needed to get on the bus to NYC. Obviously I didn’t have time for a long run, so instead I ran about 4 miles in 29:38 (~7:24 pace). I had about 5 minutes to change into dry clothes (it was RAINING) and hop in the car, but it was worth it! When I travel home for special occasions I plan on being flexible with my running schedule. Knowing that running won’t be a priority for a few days motivates me to fit in quality workouts before I leave the city – i.e. the tempo run I completed on Thursday.

Taking a break from my training schedule allowed me more time to spend time with my BFF from high school – Happy Almost Married, Jen! On Sunday, we celebrated the upcoming nuptials with a lovely bridal shower at Kazimi’s restaurant.


Bridal Party

I loved the sweet garden-themed centerpieces! The mother of the bride really knows how to throw a great party 🙂


 Watering can

The wishing well (for small household gifts).

wishing well

Each guest contributed a recipe card for the couple – I wrote down the recipe for my Peanutty Root Vegetable stew.

Recipe box

Lunch  started off with a salad – mixed greens, walnuts, feta cheese, and raspberry dressing.


Veggies, roasted potatoes, pasta alla vodka, and baked haddock with zucchini pesto. Perhaps the only things I ate all day that did not contain sugar. Hee-hee.

baked haddock

Homemade frosted cookies! The clothespins were part of a bridal shower game 🙂


Nibbles for the table: chocolate-covered pretzels, popcorn, and potato chips.

chocolate dipped

Mmm, cake.


My favorite part of the whole day – a container full of homemade cookies!


Bridal Party

The bridal party – Megan, Krissy, Jen (the bride-to-be!), Adrienne, Leah, and Jess. We wore matching Vera Bradley aprons as we helped Jen unwrap her mountain of gifts. We were workin’ hard!

Bridal party

All of the cookies I consumed this weekend must have fueled me well – I woke up on Monday morning and knocked out 10 miles before work. I ended up running pretty swiftly for an easy run (~8:00 pace) and felt awesome. YAY.

The latest from Running Shorts on True/Slant: If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it!

Want to run faster this summer? The NY Times says: Drink a slushie!

What’s your favorite type of summer treat – ice cream, froyo, italian ice, gelato?

How do you fit in running/exercise when you’re pressed for time?

  • Flowers in decorated pots is such a cute touch! I love it!

  • Hey! I just found your blog and love it. Looks like a wonderful bridal party!

  • Maren

    What a cute theme for this time of year! I’m just not much of an ice cream person (My dad’s response: Are you American?!) but I do LOVE to have smores in the summer, YUM! When I’m crunched for time, I will either go on a short run, or do a quick workout video…which I can usually talk my sister into joining!

  • Ellen

    Love the garden theme shower! Froyo is definitely my summer go-to treat. I really like Italian ice too (chocolate chip), but I’m never sure on the calorie count and how it stacks up, so I tend to get it a lot less. Does anyone know?


  • You are officially my HERO! I did your workout from yesterday…holy bananas I am gonna be sore tomorrow!! haha! 🙂

  • love the theme of her shower. So cute. What an amazing favor – homemade cookies – doesn’t get any better!

    When I’m pressed for time, I’ll squeeze in my running every which way possible! But 10 miles before work is pretty darn impressive!

  • Cute pictures!!!

    Nice job on the run 🙂

  • looks like another fun weekend!
    Ice Cream is definitely my go to warm weather treat! Love it!!

    Since I always workout first thing in the morning, I am usually able to get in at least a short workout when crunched for time. Good job getting your run in before you left the city! Dedication!

  • Looks like a great shower!

    I love iced cappucinos but the calorie and fat count is never good 😉

  • I truly cannot imagine 10 miles before work. You are amazing.

    I will run at any time of day to get my run in – morning, noon, night (on the lit trail in the dark if need be).

  • Ro

    Hey, so I am a runner and read your blog everyday…well every post anyway, its something that I look forward to and I really enjoy it…so anyway I am reading along and I see the pictures from the shower…OMG I know Jess, Krissy, and Adrienne…I freaked out and started screaming THEY KNOW RUNNER’S KITCHEN THEY KNOW RUNNERS KITCHEN haha I had to share this with you…what a small world, Jess and Krissy are GREAT GREAT friends of mine!

  • What a cute theme! Love the aprons! I actually have the same theory on no time workouts as you do, run as fast as I can for however long I have!

  • I love the recipe idea! I totally am bookmarking that for my own wedding. Sure I have great cookbooks and the internet is a fountain of internet knowledge, but it’s so great to have hand written recipes like that from an occasion to remember.

    Self serve fro you is great, but I had killer gelato the other day, so that would have to be my number 1.

  • omg, i seriously heart all you ladies in your aprons! i need to start planning one of my best friend’s showers, and i am definitely using the recipe box idea.

    favorite summer treat? ice cream, all the way. or, of course, refreshing white wine. 🙂

  • Ice cream!! Most definitely!
    It’s hard fitting in runs at times like those. I actually feel like I am always struggling to fit running in–I’ll feel a twinge in my knee, take the day off and then all of a sudden my schedules shot to…well you know! I wish I could be more selfish with it sometimes!

  • The bridal party looks so cute!

  • It’s soo hard for me to run when I’m pressed for time. My mind is just not in it. However, saying ‘no’ every once in a while to things helps me free up time and keep my priorities straight. If I haven’t run in a bit it tells me I’m too busy and need to slow down so I can stay healthy!

  • That looks like such a sweet event. I’ve actually never been to a bridal shower, but I really, really hope there are cookies at my first. Mimosas, too.
    My running buddies and I are on a mission after reading that article to get a slushie machine installed at our local running store.
    Glad to hear your IT is feeling better! Happy two days until the weekend!

  • Sounds like you got good use of your exercise time! I agree, go fast if you can’t go long. Sometimes getting some HIIT in is just what I need.

  • Ice Cream and Iced Coffees top my list for sure!

    And good job on your 2 runs at home…you have to balance friends/family and running, but you made the perfect compromise!

  • i am pretty sure you guys are going to make the cutest bridal party ever!

  • wow… looking at snaps I think it will be most memorable party ever!
    very nice article and snaps