Back on the track

Happy Wednesday night! We are 3/5 of the way through the work week. Weekend, PLEASE come soon.

It’s been awhile since I showcased an entire day’s worth of eats and running, so I decided to record everything on Tuesday. Unfortunately my camera battery died and I had to use my camera phone (boo, poor resolution). Anyway, my a.m. meal was the usual coffee, a “breakfast cookie” made with oats, pb, 1/2 smashed banana, raw cacao powder, ground flax, and chocolate chips. Plus a vanilla chobani on the side. It’s been awhile since I’ve had flavored Greek yogurt. I think I prefer the plain. 

breakfast cookie

Lunch involved a seltzer (a good substitute for my vice, Diet Coke) and a salad comprised of arugula, grated carrot, goat cheese, and the last of my romesco sauce for the dressing.


Pop chips!


And a few squares of dark chocolate with sea salt. The best.

Sea Salt

I had plans to go to a CPTC track workout after leaving the office, so I snacked on 1/2 banana and a few servings of galaxy granola around 4pm. the vanilla almond flavor is really tasty!


And then…after an 18 month hiatus (seriously), I returned to the E. 6th Street track. The last Tuesday night workout I did here was on October 21, 2008 – about 10 days before I ran the NYC Marathon! It was incredibly windy (the track is right next to the East River), but all-in-all it felt good to come back.

The goal pace for this workout was 5k pace and in retrospect 6:40 was probably not ambitious enough – I didn’t even feel that tired by the end of the 3rd rep. Ah well, next time I’ll drop the pace.

1 mile warm-up
3 × 1600m w/400m recovery (6:41, 6:38, 6:34)
1 mile cool-down with Sari

We determined that it is exactly 1 mile from the E. 6th Street track to the Whole Foods on Houston St. After my run, I stopped in Whole Foods to warm up and buy some essentials.

I didn’t get back to my apartment until after 8:30pm and I was h-u-n-g-r-y! On nights like this I usually just throw together whatever takes the least amount of time. I tossed some arugula in a bowl and topped it with hummus, dried cherries, walnuts, and sriracha sauce. I love this creamy, sweet, crunchy, and spicy combo! I also spread some pb & raspberry jam on a high fiber tortilla and rolled it up.

salad 2

And since I have no control over a jar of peanut butter, I finished off the container with some un-pictured TLC Kashi crackers. No peanut butter shall go to waste as long as I’m around 🙂

pb jar

One of my Whole Foods acquisitions was a pack of the new caramel Oikos Greek yogurt. I really enjoyed this sweet treat and my only complaint is that it’s too small. Next time I’m going to try popping it in the freezer and making my own froyo!

oikos caramel

Does your IT band hurt? Check out these IT band yoga stretches from Runnersworld. I did some after my run this morning – they work!

From Real Simple: 10 things ever cook needs to know.

Question: Do you have a favorite track (or interval) workout?

  • I still need to try the caramel Oikos! But I agree; what is 4oz of anything?

  • Oooh so many fav speed workouts. I am partial to Yasso 800s but am trying to also get into mile repeats…

  • Jul

    I like half ladders – start big (1600, say), work down (200, say). Build the effort, build the speed!

    What a yummy dinner!

  • 5 x 1K @3K pace is a fun one, but my favorite (and this is MUCH harder than it looks!!!) is (all done at mile pace) 400m, 1 min rest, 800m, 5 min rest, 400m, 1 minute rest, 800m. If you go out too fast for the 400s you are road kill. Ouch.

  • LR

    Just wanted to say that I love your blog! I just started running and your blog has been inspiration to me! I also love the caramel greek yogurt but honey flavor is my favorite!

  • I have always liked mile repeats!

  • Hahaha. I like that Alma said 5x1K at 3K pace is “fun.” “Sure!”
    I’m a big 16×200 fan. I’ve also done a workout that alternates 400s between 5K pace and fast-recovery pace (like 7:45 pace) with no rest in between for three miles. That’s pretty interesting.

  • j

    I would not combine the words “favorite” and “track workout” lol. I love my long runs and even tempo runs, but I dread the weekly track workout…

  • mary

    Hey Megan!

    I had a question I was hoping you could help me with! I know that you are experienced with injuries, and I just finished the Fitness/More half marathon in the rain on Sunday. Unfortunately, it lead to a black (big) toenail and I can hardly walk! Has this ever happened to you? I am dying to run again, but unfortunately it hurts too much. I appreciate any advice/alternate workouts you might suggest. Thanks!!

  • No favorite yet, but I’m open to suggestions! Since I’m going to start working on my pace in the coming weeks/months, I’ve got to get some good interval and track workouts under my belt!

  • Mary,

    Check out this runnersworld article for more info on black toenails:,7124,s6-241-290-291-405-0,00.html#

    Feel better soon!

  • I love how your 6:40 pace was not ambitious enough– I only wish! In terms of track, I like doing 800m repeats with a minute or two of jogging in between. That gives me enough time to give it a little more than a burst and ramp back up for the next one.

    I just found the chocolate Oikos…how are you going to do your fro yo?

  • I only ran on a track when I took a kinesiology class in college. I’ve never run on one here in the city and I wouldn’t even know what to do! I guess a workout like yours, except much slower, would be a good one!

    I have to try the fro-yo trick sometime!

  • Mary-

    Not to get all gross on you, but pierce underneath the nail with a (sterile) needle/safety pin. It should releive the pressure and make the main much more bearable until the nail eventually falls off. BUT, after you pierce it, LEAVE IT ALONE. No touching, poking, prodding, etc.

  • MEGAN! so much catching up to do on your blog! i too tend to love those meals where you have a bit of everything – salty, sweet, crunchy, spicy, smooth!

    happy thursday 🙂

  • PS My fave is Yasso 800s b/c you are super motivated to “prove” you can hit your goal marathon pace.

  • Crackers and PB hmmm yum what a tasty stack. One I stand in the kitchen with a jar of PB I always eat way too much… It’s just too good!

  • I love the caramel oikos, but it is really small so you definitely need to pair it with something!

  • I wanna make my own froyo too! Genius idea.
    I NEED good speed workouts so I am going to soak in all the comments here!

  • I find the Yasso800 challenging but I also like the workouts that are lie pyramids where you start by doing something like 400m, 800m, 1200m, 1600m and then back down 🙂

  • Totally agree that plain Greek Yogurt is the best! I like to add in my own flavors! Sadly…I am TERRIBLE at doing track work! I am going to have to change that once I start training for NYC! You inspire me!!

  • Uf, my favorite track workout would probably a lack of one :). I don’t like running fast!

  • I need to try that caramel flavor – it looks so yummy. Wow – you are super speedy as always. Sounds like a good workout!

  • Jacqui

    My favorite track workout thus far is that descending one that tony assigned probably 2 months ago at this point.

    It was something like 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400, 300, 200, 200, but I forget what the recoveries were like…

    I just loved that it goes faster and faster!

  • You are ser the speediest little girl ever! 6:41 not ambitious? Let me just say congrats! And I agree though, Plain Greek Yogurt is the only flavor I even like anymore. Happy Friday!

  • Great Runner’s World video link. Thanks!