B is for birthday, C is for cake

Curious about my top-secret baking project from the other night? It was a cake for Alma’s birthday. Happy 26th roommate!

Inspired by Megan and an Epicurious recipe, I decided to make a chocolate stout cake. With nearly 400 great on-line reviews, I know this was going to be a winner. I topped the rich chocolate cake with a simple whipped cream icing and fresh strawberries.

birthday cake

birthday cake

birthday cake

The batter made 9″ double-layer cake and 12 cupcakes.


Chocolate Stout Cake with Whipped Cream Icing (Adapted from a Bon Appetit recipe)


  • 16 oz stout beer
  • 4 sticks of butter
  • 1 1/2  cups unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 2 cups whole wheat flour, 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 4 cups sugar
  • 1 Tbs baking soda
  • 1 1/2 tsp salt
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 1/3 cups Greek yogurt
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 2 Tbs sugar
  • fresh strawberries, sliced

Directions (Cake):

  • Preheat oven to 350°F. Lightly grease two 9″ cake pans and one cupcake pan.
  • Bring 2 cups stout and 4 sticks butter to simmer in heavy large saucepan over medium heat. Add cocoa powder and whisk until mixture is smooth. Remove from heat.
  • Whisk flour, sugar, baking soda, and 1 1/2 teaspoons salt in large bowl. Using a stand mixer, beat eggs and yogurt in another large bowl to blend.
  • Add stout-chocolate mixture to egg mixture and beat just until combined. Add flour mixture and beat on slow speed.
  • Mix together batter until completely combined. Pour into cake/cupcake pans.
  • Bake cakes until tester inserted into center of cakes comes out clean, about 35 minutes (25 minutes for the cupcakes).
  • Cool cakes completely and then remove from pans.

Directions (Icing):

  • Combine heavy cream, vanilla, and sugar in a bowl and chill for 30 minutes.
  • Using the whisk attachment on a stand mixer (or hand mixer), beat cream mixture until stiff peaks form.
  • Frost cake with whipped cream and decorate with strawberries.
  • Refrigerate until ready to serve.

The cake was gobbled up by our party guests in under an hour – success!

Alma and Megan

Megan and Leigh

birthday cake

birthday cake

birthday party


birthday party


birthday girl

Allison and Sophie

Leigh and Megan

Congratulations to Kate – winner of the Vitatops! Kate – email me your mailing address at runnerskitchen@gmail.com

kate says:

If only there were more Costcos in Iowa! I love the chocolate with chocolate chips – yummmm!

Question: What’s the best type of birthday cake?

  • Cake + beer has to equal pure bliss! It’s all about a Dairy Queen cake for my birthdays!

  • Jacqui

    That last picture is priceless!! That’s me in the background, talking to your nyac friend, trying to convince him to come to a cptc workout ;-P

  • Jacqui – CPTC will prevail. I know it.
    p.s. I did my long run solo this weekend and it kind of sucked. Booo. I’m coming back to the city tmrw!

  • That’s so nice of you to make that for your roomie.
    My favorite b-day cake has to be Bob’s Red Mill gluten free vanilla

  • I’ve made that cake before! It’s incredible! OMG I love chocolate cake. I could eat it now. You guys look like you had fun – all rosy cheeked and happy. Yay! And now it’s Monday again.

  • haha…i LOVE party pictures! and the looks of that cake. heavy cream, butter and greek yogurt – i am there.

    looks like you had a great weekend – happy monday lady 🙂

  • Those cupcakes are absolutely gorgeous with the strawberry topping…cupcakes are my favorite b/c they are just so cute!

    Happy birthday to you, Megan!

    And my favorite birthday cake–either a really moist chocolate raspberry cake or chocolate cake with good coffee ice cream. Chocolate and raspberries are the best combination ever if you ask me!

  • CARROT CAKE! Always and forever. But I will never turn down any form of chocolate cake either…it’s easily my second favourite!

    Glad that Alma had a fun party and has a great roommate to bake for her!

  • Growing up, my dad would make chocolate cake and mix butter cream frosting + creamy peanut butter. Seriously, just the thought makes my mouth water – it’s much too rich to over indulge but once a year – definitely 🙂

  • Ice cream cake – the one with the cookie crumble filling! Is there any other kind? 🙂

  • Happy birthday to Alma!! My favorite type of cake is a cookie cake! YUM!

  • That cake looks delicious! What a nice roommate you are.

    My mom makes this chocolate cake from Joy of Cooking with brown sugar frosting… I melt every time!

  • I bet Alma wouldn’t trade you for the world! You two have a great roomie vibe, so sweet.

    I’m not the hugest cake fan, but…. my mom’s lemon cake recipe, handed down from her aunt, is the bomb cake as far as I’m concerned. I could eat it every single day 🙂

  • looks like a great festive occasion and what a cake-yum!

  • That cake sounds and looks delicious!

    I grew up in the Midwest and there was a restaurant chain called Bill Knapps (one of those places for grandparents and young families!) that had THE BEST chocolate birthday cake! It was a tradition when we were little. I still think of those cakes when my Birthday rolls around.

  • YUMMMM! That cake looks incredible!!!! Great job and happy birthday to your roommie!

  • Beautiful job on the cake lady! Looks gorgeous and delicious. My favorite kind of cake would have to be double chocolate, with a thick and sinful chocolate icing.

  • Reading this entry has filled me with the most powerful chocolate craving I have ever experienced. It hit me suddenly and without warning. I will never turn down another invitation that you send in my direction.

  • Clearly, becoming a regular on your site will be an exercise in discipline. Strawberry anything has me weak at the knees. You are a mean person for posting and adding these pics. 🙂

  • Ellen

    You are so freakin’ fancy I can hardly stand it!!! Yummm. You have lucky friends 🙂 I looove ice cream cakes with cookie crumble. Think: DQ cakes. I haven’t hand one since I was a kid though!


  • What a gorgeous cake, almost too pretty to eat…almost 😉 I bet it was delicious!

  • You are so freakin’ fancy I can hardly stand it!!! Yummm. You have lucky friends 🙂 I looove ice cream cakes with cookie crumble. Think: DQ cakes. I haven’t hand one since I was a kid though!