Wins and Losses

Yesterday I ran the NYRR Colon Cancer 15K and it was tough. I poured so much mental, physical, and emotional energy into last weekend’s half-marathon that I just wasn’t fresh for this race. I felt like my body and mind were fighting me every step of the way and I had a really hard time focusing for the hour+ duration of the race. In retrospect, racing a half-marathon followed by a 15K was not the smartest plan.

Despite not being at the top of my game, I managed to eke out a PR for the distance. I finished the 9.3 miles (15K) in 1:06:51 (about 7:11 mile pace). I ran pretty evenly and despite feeling tired, my legs are doing OK. I’m very much looking forward to a rest day or two!

Before the run, I fueled up with my usual coffee, toast, banana, and dark chocolate dreams peanut butter.

banana and peanut butter

I was really excited to have a blue bib number – first corral!


Win: Finishing that jar of chocolate peanut butter butter in ~4 days.

Loss: This peanut butter addiction is an expensive habit. Almost $6 a jar!

After my warm-up (~3 miles), race (9.3 miles), and cool-down (1 miles), I was ready to eat something ASAP. Jacqui, Sarah (my hero – second place female overall!!), and I made our way to Bloomingdale’s to check out the semi-secret frozen yogurt shop on the 7th floor. Despite our general post-race gross ness, the security guards did NOT kick us out of the fancy department store. However, I’m not sure how much the Upper East Siders enjoyed the presence of our sweaty selves…

Win: Jacqui snagged us some seats and soon I was enjoying a frozen yogurt big enough to feed a small country. Seriously…the “small” size at 40 Carrots is probably equivalent to a pint of frozen yogurt. Amazing. I ordered the plain flavor (tasted like Fage!) and opted for wildflower honey as a topping. The cold frogurt made the honey turn into a taffy-like consistency. I have a feeling I’ll be visiting 40 Carrots again soon. Yay for running friends! And dessert.

Jacqui and Sarah

Forty Carrots Frozen Yogurt

Loss: After downing my weight in frogurt, I had to trek home in the rainy, windy, 45 degree weather. Boo.

After a hot shower, it was time for what else? More food.

A big glass of cytomax, an apple, and a clif bar.

Clif bar

And a bowl of  spinach, sliced fennel, tempeh, hummus, sriracha, and feta. Simple and fresh.


Win: A 90 minute nap. Glorious.

Loss: The subways were running local and what should have been a 30 minute trip…took over 45 minutes.

Win: I finally made it to Bonobos for a yummy vegan dinner with Katie.

I ordered the nut pate sampler plate. Atop a bed of mixed greens, I had BIG scoops of sunflower seed pate, sesame tahini pate, curry walnut pate, and pesto pate. Nuts, seeds, and herbs. Mmm.


Enjoyed with a raw flax seed flat bread and a deliciously rich coconut chai (young coconut meat, chai masala, raw agave).

coconut chai

My final win of the night: Gobbling up 1/2 dozen whole wheat-oat-teff-coconut-chocolate chip cookies. At least they were healthy? Full recipe and a fun give away to come SOON!


Friends, good eats, a PR – what more could a girl ask for?

Question: What’s your favorite brand/variety of frozen yogurt?

  • I am so impressed by how fast you are! You’re my hero. I LOVE 40 Carrots. Next time you need to get my favorite combo: Plain and Coffee swirled with carob chips. AMAZING.

  • maren

    very impressive running times, both this week and next! ill have to try 40 carrots, never been but i love froyo! lately been making my own banana soft serve, adding in almond butter etc.. i want to make a carrot cake version too! lula’s sweet apothecary has great flavors too!

  • maren

    oops, i mean both this week and last

  • Elan makes the best frozen yogurt for the price and size.
    Lol I always think I spend too much on a jar of peanut butter but cost for calorie it’s not so so bad 😉

  • I love tart fro-yo, always a win:)

  • I love Bonobos! I used to rely heavily on that place when I was a vegan.

    Great job on the race, even though it was difficult. Your speed amazes me!

    My favorite brand of Fro-Yo so far is Pinkberry, but, I’ve yet to venture out and try some new places. I’m waiting for warmer temperatures to invite me to do so.

  • I love every kind of froyo! I honestly have yet to find one that I don’t like. Yogurberry had a pretty phenomenal pumpkin flavor in the fall

  • I would definitely say you had more wins than losses! Great eats, great race, i’d say a good day overall! 😀

  • Well done on such a fast race, even though you felt like crap – it must’ve made the achievement seem that bit better!? It would for me at least!
    They don’t have frozen yogurt in England…:'(

  • Ada

    Congrats on the race! You are one tough cookie to run back-to-back races. 40 carrots is sooo delish, I love their coffee fro-yo.

    I know this may sound crazy, but if you’re interested a few people and I are doing a run around Manhattan (33 miles) Saturday, April 10th at noon. Let me know if you’re interested;)

  • 40 Carrots is my absolute favorite!! I can’t get enough of the plain/coffee combo. It’s funny you mention this b/c I’ve had it twice in the past month! Last week my mom and I shared a small for dessert, when they give it to you with lunch, it’s actually much smaller. But I also got the actual small to go for lunch one day a few weeks ago. This weekend might be another trip since the weather is supposed to be so beautiful!!!

  • You are so awesome Meghan! Seriously! WOW!

  • Aw, thanks for the shout out, dude! I think you ran a really brave race, considering all the elements, and it totes paid off with a PR. And you can call that a soft PR, too! Heyyooo! Also, Jacqui looks adorable in that picture and I look like a lunatic. I need to learn how to pose. I also need to go to 16 Handles.

  • Congrats again on the amazing 15K, even though you weren’t feeling 100%!

    We have to go to 40 Carrots some Thursday this spring — I have to try a mix of coffee + peanut butter FroYo! 🙂

  • You guys are awesome!!! I was running ‘right’ behind you (ehmmm….quite a bit…) that day! Maybe I can tie a bungee cord to you for the next race and I can PR??? 🙂

  • Completely awesome PR on Sunday, gorgeous! And it sounds like you spent the rest of your day doing wonderful and amazing things. Wasn’t the coconut chai phenomenal??

  • Maren

    Weird, there’s another Maren! That never happens to me! =) Anyway, congrats on the PR!! Hope you’re planning to get lots of rest this week! Anyway, I don’t really care for frozen yogurt much, but I tried your dark chocolate dreams peanut butter. DELISH!! It’s heaven and it’s only $3.50 here! And I couldn’t believe it was so expensive until I saw that you pay SIX DOLLARS!! I feel your pain, but it’s too good to give up =)

  • Kacey

    yay on a new 15k pr, great job on pushing through and hitting an awesome time!

    hands down, my absolute favorite frozen yogurt is from yogurt pump on franklin street in chapel hill, nc. during my four years of school there, I probably supported the shop on my own! their flavors are dreamy, my #1 is oreo, which I’ll swirl with either mint or peanut butter, depending on what’s available, since the flavors change almost daily. plus, they make their waffle cones on a griddle in house, so it always smells oh so heavenly. swoon.

  • Rachel

    I have an addiction to 40 carrots! If I don’t get 40 carrots at least twice when I’m in New York I’m upset. My go-to is half plain/half coffee. Last time I was there on Sunday I did half plain/half blueberry which was delish! I’ve also done half coffee/half chocolate, but i’m not so much of a chocolate ice cream person. The great thing about the plain is that it doesn’t melt as fast as the other flavors (maybe it’s because it’s low fat and the others are FF)??? Anyway… so jealous of your pic! Congrats on your races, too!

  • Um, hey: MAJOR congratulations on yet another PR! That is awesome. I know it must suck to not have felt your best but you still managed to completely kick butt! Pretty impressive in my book. Well done!

  • congrats on another amazing race! Way to go for it. I must try the DC dreams, I have to finish my cinnamon raisin pb and co first though!

    Love Bonobo!

    I have only been to 40 carrots once, but want to go back. I love yogurtland and 16 handles!

  • what a great race and great time! i love pinkberry froyo 🙂

  • woowoo! love this post! my fave frozen yog is red mango – probably because its the only one in the area 🙂

  • Wow your speed is seriously impressive even when you’re feeling off! Way to go!

    I’ve never tried frozen yogurt before 🙁

  • Congratulations!!! That’s really impressive and I loooove Bloomie’s froyo 🙂

  • Ellen

    What a yummmy day of eats! Jealous! My favorite froyo in NYC is The Lite Choice (delicious and all-natural) and 16 Handles. I usually get Cookies ‘n’ Cream or Cinnamon, which is actually strange because I’m a big chocolate fan, but I’m weird like that with my froyo. Mmm…now I want some 🙂 Great job on the race!

  • Your running times are amazing – and that was you feeling a bit off?! I’m in awe.

  • Megan – it was great to meet you after the race on Sunday. My ‘unofficial’ time was 1:08, a PR – I was pretty happy since I wasn’t even planning to run 3 miles that day when I woke up at 10 AM. I guess reading and eating the stuff you and Matt keep writing about is helping my times.

    I hear you on the expensive peanut butter habit … I’ve switched to buying the store made Nut butters at Fairway (had a nasty experience with the one I bought at Whole Foods – rancid almonds!). No additives, fresh, taste better and cheaper.

    Have you tried the peacefood cafe on 82nd/Amsterdam – I had their mint-chocolate-avocado smoothie today and I’m hooked!

  • Anne

    I wish I could run as fast as you! I’m obsessed with frozen yogurt…I know you like Momofuku, have you ever had their yogurt? It’s so good!! And they change their flavors too. Anyway, just wondering how you like the Cybosport and if it really does help aid in recovery.

  • Anne – I really do think that cytomax is a good recovery option after long runs and races. The combination of electrolytes prevented the post-race headache that I usually get!

  • You are so incredibly speedy! I’m in awe! Congrats on the great race!

    I’ve lived on the UES for almost 6 years and I still haven’t had 40 Carrots! I must try it this summer! I’m not sure I have a favorite frozen yogurt. Def not Tasti D Lite – always makes me crave salt afterwards! I prefer real ice cream!!

  • Eileen

    Great race! You are a very impressive runner. I’m enjoying your blog.

    Sometime, would you do a post on the importance of warming up for races? I’m more of a mid-pack runner, and I tend to skimp on warming up because I tell myself I’m banking my energy for the race. But the best races I’ve run have come after slightly longer warmups. Would love your thoughts some time!

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