Thursday in the park

TGIF! So excited that it’s the weekend. My latest article on True/Slant reveals how one simple change can cut minutes off your half or full marathon time. And who doesn’t want to run faster? 😉

Thursday was a marathon of a day – good thing I started off with an extra large mug of coffee. I was feeling very caffeinated after this.

Frida coffee mug

Plus an orange for some vitamin C!


The main part of my breakfast was a plain chobani yogurt with 2 Tbs of whipped peanut butter stirred in and a crumbled vitabrownie on top. It tasted like dessert! But it also packed a good amount of protein (27 grams) and fiber (8 grams).

chobani and vitabrownie

Lunch was one of the BEST salads I’ve created in awhile. It included all of the usual suspects: romaine, carrots, mushrooms, feta cheese, sriracha sauce, etc. BUT I also topped it off with leftover Vietnamese noodle and grilled pork salad and a few pita chips with hummus. Mmm, so many great flavor and texture combinations.

noodle leftovers

My afternoon snack was not one, but two Nature’s Path granola bars. These organic treats are a tad high in sugar (11 grams), but they taste delicious and come in a new eco-conscious box that uses 36% less cardboard than the original. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. Yay.

Nature's path granola bar

Anddd a decaf cappuccino because I wanted to sip on something warm.


After work I was feelin’ a little tired and not exactly excited about a road workout. Buttt I know I almost always feel better after a run, so I chugged some water and nibbled on some dried cherries + dark chocolate chips. Glycogen, get in my muscles!

cherries and chocolate

After my snack, I was feeling a bit more energized, so I ran from my apartment to CPTC practice (2.75 miles). Those of us racing the Coogan’s 5K on Sunday did a special shortened workout – 800m, 600, and 400m @ 3K pace with 400m jog recovery. I have no idea what kind of pace we were running because we did the repeats on the road (estimated the distance), but it basically felt all-out. Lots of cool-down with the group and then another 2.75 miles back home. By the time I returned to my apartment, my Nike + pedometer reported that I had run 11 miles total.

My quads are strangely sore – perhaps from Tuesday’s treadmill workout? It feels like I did lunges although I most definitely did not. Hopefully a few days of easy running will help me rest up for this weekend’s 5k! So.Excited.

After a quick shower, I was ready to eat more asian noodle leftovers. I chopped up some romaine lettuce, grated carrot, and topped that off with leftover pad thai, hummus, and sriracha sauce. Sort of a strange combo, but it tasted yummy!

pad thai leftovers

Of course I was still hungry, so I toasted up 2 slices of Ezekiel bread and topped them with generous spoonfuls of coconut butter and raspberry jam. Unfortunately I was too busy eating to take a photo, oops. If you want to see a visual of this lovely treat, you can check out my post from last Sunday.

I’m lovin’ my new jar of coconut butter! And if you’re worried that the fat in coconut butter is unhealthy, say goodbye to the 1990’s, and dig in! Unlike animal products which have long-chain triglycerides, coconut butter’s fat is made up of medium-chain triglycerides. Research has shown that this rare type of saturated fat can actually prevent heart disease and reduce cholesterol. Coconut has also been show to protect against cancer, boost immunity, increase calcium absorption, and kill bacteria/viruses (due in part to its high lauric acid content). You can read more about the benefits of coconut butter/oil here, here, and here. Yum!

Do you like coconut? What’s your favorite way to eat it?

  • Bobbie

    Definitely going to have to try the coconut butter…you have peaked my interest!

  • Those granola bars are the best! I have a box under my bed. It bugs me that sugar is such a high ingredient, but I only eat them before or on runs, so I know I need the carbs

  • I love coconut butter on baked sweet potatoes. YUM!

  • I love coconut and honestly my favorite way is to eat the sweetened shredded kind over fro-yo! haha!

  • I’m stoked for the weekend too! And I am so impressed you are able to get in 11 miles on a weeknight. Serious wow. However, I can’t get on the coconut butter bandwagon…it’s pricey and, like, the look of it kind of weird me out. I do like coconut cake, though.

  • Ooh! Lurve coconut! Unfortunately my other half is allergic to it, so I can’t really enjoy it in the house.

    Favorite way to eat it… Do Bounty Bars count? ‘Cause I am ALL about the dark chocolate coated ones. 🙂

  • Ellen

    That vitabrownie on your yogurt looks DELISH! I really like coconut, but I never eat it for some reason? (Unless you eating coconut froyo counts). I want to start adding it to my oatmeal, that sounds soo good.

  • I am obsessed with coconut – LOVE! I totally can’t wait to try coconut butter. Sigh. One more nut butter to be addicted to!

    PS: Love the Almond/Coconut Kind Bars. I can’t stop thinking about them!

  • I love coconut! Coconut Milk Ice Cream (homemade or Coconut Bliss), Coconut milk yogurt, coconut milk, coconut butter, coconut water. There is even a place here where you can get a whole (cracked open) coconut with a spoon and a straw (Trouble Coffee in SF)….Good and good for you!

  • I really need to get to Whole Foods this weekend and pick up some yummies like coconut butter!

  • i MUST get that coconut butter! it seriously sounds soo awesome-love what you did with the leftovers in the salad!

  • Katie

    I LOVE coconut butter! I put it on something about every day- sweet potatoes, oats or other grains, cooked fruit, yogurt- it’s all good.

  • Delicious salad mixes! Your ingenuity with leftovers impresses me.

    You know very well that I’m a coconut nut. I love it in all forms and appications. Coconut butter on my toast, coconut ice cream, coconut milk in Asian dishes and oatmeal, coconut oil for cooking, the list goes on!

  • You are the mileage queen! I love coconut in my smoothies, on my oatmeal, and in my granola! It’s also made a tasty appearance on peanut butter sandwiches.

  • I don’t really like coconut much (apart from cocounut chocolates :p) – I had coconut water once and it was disgusting!! Put me off for life :p

  • I LOVE coconut- any which way!!

  • Hi Megan! Hope you’ve had a great weekend! I did my 20-miler today in preparation for Boston! We actually had really nice weather this weekend!

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    I’d really appreciate it! Thanks so much and happy running! -Patricia 🙂