Monday Updates

I’m super busy today, but later tonight I promise a complete recap of yesterday’s 15K race. To hold you over until then, I have some True/Slant updates:

Matt says goodbye to Running Shorts, but hello to a new addition to his family.

And does peanut butter prevent running injuries? Science (and my stomach) say YES.

Happy Monday!

  • I don’t even need to read the 2nd article, I already love it – encouraging the use of peanut butter = WIN!

  • Just read your article on fat and reduced injuries. My question is, what are other good sources of fat to add into a diet that isn’t calorically dense, as well? Other than PB and Olive Oil, I’m at a loss. Full fat yogurt and other dairy products usually come with quite a few additional calories. How do I increase my fat intake without increasing my calories?

  • Can’t wait to read your race recap, but take it easy and get around to it when you have the chance. You deserve some rest!

  • My daughter has a peanut allergy and I MISS peanut butter SOOOO much. Luckily there is almond butter and soy butter but….still I miss the PB!

  • Peanut butter solves EVERYTHING:)