Lipton PureLeaf Tea Event

Beautiful 70 degree day? Check.

Car service to and from the swank Butter Restaurant? Check.

A 5-course healthy, yet indulgent lunch cooked by Chef Alexandra Guarneschelli? Check.

I was invited to attend a special event showcasing Lipton’s new stevia-sweetened iced teas on Saturday – so much fun!

I started off with a mint julep “mocktail”:  stevia-sweetened lemon iced tea, muddled mint syrup, and mint leaves.

Mint Julep

The chef created a menu that showcased fresh, local ingredients and also incorporated tea into nearly every dish!


Lipton Pure Leaf Tea

Before we began eating, Lipton’s expert tea-buyer spoke about the company’s commitment to sustainability and how good tea is selected.

Lipton PureLeaf Tea

And then we began to eat! Since I’m running a half-marathon tomorrow, I was more than happy to dig into to a biscuit with homemade whipped butter (yay, carbohydrates!).


Our amuse-bouche was an arugula-leek soup served with toast and whipped truffle butter. I love butter. So much.

Leek and Asparagus Soup

After I slurped up my soup, I was presented with a crispy shrimp served atop pickled vegetables. I was trying to pace myself, so at this point I started eating about half of whatever I was served. Gotta save room for dessert!

Shrimp and pickled vegetables

Our first official course was squash caponata with mache, celeriac, and lemon tea dressing.

Squash Caponata

And then we were presented with the main course – a whole striped sea bass roasted with heirloom potatoes and brussels sprouts. This fish was HUGE – close to 20lbs I bet.

Striped Sea Bass

After us bloggers snapped some photos, the fishy returned to the kitchen to be plated up. I’m not a big seafood eater, so my experience is limited, but this was easily the flakiest, moistest fish I’ve ever had. Props to Chef Alex for her amazing buerre blanc and lemon tea sauce. It was amazinggggg. Why can’t I eat like this every day?

Sea bass with potatoes and brussels sprouts

I saw some familiar faces at the event – Diana and Melissa.

Diana, Megan, Melissa

And I finally met Tanya from IAteAPie.Net – I’ve been reading her blog for years!

Megan and Tanya

And the best part of the event? Two desserts!

Dessert #1 was coffee ice cream topped with coffee granita and garnished with tea-infused golden raisins. So creative! I think I’m going to start soaking my dried fruit in tea. Wouldn’t that be a yummy addition to oatmeal-raisin cookies??

Coffee ice cream, tea infused raisins

And finally we finished up with petit fours – dark chocolate with orange marmalade and raspberry tea infusion and white chocolate with a lemon tea infusion and praline crunch. Omg. So good. There were a few extras on the table. You better believe they made it into my purse, hehe.

Petit Fours

The new stevia-sweetened Lipton iced teas (raspberry and lemon) should be on shelves soon. My honest verdict? Really delicious! Unlike diet teas, there was no weird aftertaste and I’d prefer stevia over aspartame any day!

Question: What’s your favorite type of tea? I love mint iced tea!

p.s. the Half-Marathon is tomorrow morning. Weee!! I’ll be back Sunday evening with a recap.

  • Right now I’m sipping on Rose tea and it’s amazing 🙂
    A local food foodie event is what I live for!
    And good luck tomorrow!

  • Good luck tomorrow! Can’t wait for the recap!

  • Oh wow – I can’t even begin to comment on all that food, it looks so so incredible! It’s like my dream evening!!!
    I’m ashamed to say – I hate tea… All tea!!

    I have a half marathon today too – best of luck on yours! 🙂

  • Best of luck on the half-marathon today! The weather is on your side.

    That multi-course lunch looks INSANE! The biscuit with homemade whipped butter looks particularly mouth watering.

    My favorite (iced) teas are those Guayaki yerbe mate bottled teas, their mint flavor is extremely refreshing and tasty.

  • Just wanted to say goodluck again! You are my running inspiration and I am beyond excited to meet you in November for the NYC Marathon! I know you are going to do great today! (ha…consdering it is 9:50 your time right now…you are probably done, showered and indulging in a great post run breakfast!) Can’t wait for the recap!

  • great seeing you yesterday! I really hope to get together or run again soon!

    Have a magical nyc half marathon

  • That coffee ice cream looks to die for! I love it! Can’t wait to read all about your half!

  • ahh, i LOVE Butter! that sea bass and ice cream look EPIC. what a sweet prix fix deal ya got!

    was lovely seeing you this AM! i am currently in my pajamas and plan to lounge for hours. or better yet – sleep!

  • Nancy

    Good luck on the half marathon. It is 12:36 in NYC, so you have probably finished. I hope all of you hard work is rewarded.

  • Hey I just saw that you are running the NYC Half-marathon today and wanted to say good luck! I ran the Virginia Beach Half-marathon this morning…some how I PR’ed even though at like mile 3 I was about ready to quit because legs were so tired haha.

  • Ohhh jealously is a bad thing but…I’m jealous! That fish looks incredible!!
    My favourite tea is yorkshire english breakfast: been drinking it forever!!

    Can’t wait for your recap!! x

  • Oh look! It’s three of the most beautiful and amazing chicks in NYC!

    Love you guys. What a cool event!

  • Ellen

    Wow, looks yummy! I loved to carbo-load when I was younger before big swim meets…anything to justify eating a mound of spaghetti 🙂 As for tea…I like hot peppermint best. Mmm. I’m from the south, but I’ve never been a sweet tea drinker, which a lot of people think is weird. Anyway, can’t wait to hear about the race!

  • Yum, I love those kind of meals! I can’t wait to try the new teas!

  • wow, that dinner looks amazing!!! i so wish i could find something like that here!!!

  • What a neat event! I really like peppermint tea & chai tea. Can’t wait to hear about your half!

  • Yay Butter! It was fabulous to see you again my dear and congrats on the race!

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