Speed workouts and morning runs

After giving my shin 48 hours of rest – it feels absolutely fine. Yay!

As usual, I did the weekly CPTC interval workout on the treadmill. A day pass for the Armory indoor track = $30. No thanks.

  • 2 mile warm-up
  • 3 x 1200m @ 5K pace with 400m jog recovery
    The 1200’s were done at approximately ~6:40 pace and felt surprisingly good! Let’s hope I feel similar on Sunday’s hilly 5K course…
  • 3 x 300m @ 3K pace with 100m jog recovery. I don’t think running sub-6:00 minute pace on the treadmill is the wisest plan. Once again, I feared I would fly off the back of the belt, but thankfully not this week.
  • I finished up the workout with a final easy mile of running and some walking to cool-down.
  • Total: 7 miles

After a bit of stretching and a shower, I headed to the subway for the ride home. To appease my grumbling stomach, I tried something new: a Just Fruit bar sent to me by Gorge Delights. My fruit leather was made of 100% fruit (apple and cherry puree and concentrate – that’s it!) and contained 90 calories, 17 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of fiber. It was the perfect post-run fuel – glycogen for my muscles! I’m going to keep a couple of these in my purse for emergency snacks.

Just Fruit

My dinner included another product sample: gardein (garden + protein) crispy tenders. Besides the occasional veggie burger, I’m not a big faux-meat fan. However, these crispy tenders blew me away. They tasted so much like chicken that I almost couldn’t believe I was eating a grain/soy product and not meat. Matt recently wrote a review of the gardein product line – check it out for more info!


After baking the crispy tenders, I chopped them up into bite-size pieces. If it looks like chicken and tastes like chicken, it must be…gardein?


I hesitate to call my dinner a “salad”. It was more like a big bowl of random ingredients. I was hungry. It was late. I needed dinner fast. I promise to cook an actual meal soon (I’m taking an Asian cooking class tonight!). Anyway, into the bowl went: chopped romaine lettuce, dried cherries, gardein crispy tenders, Kashi TLC crackers, cheddar cheese, hummus, and sriracha sauce. Veggies? Check! Protein? Check! Carbs? Check! Healthy fats? Check! Looks like I covered all the bases….



Taking the advice of my girl, Holly -I lived life to the fullest and ended the night with some chocolate. Mmm.

About 12 hours after my treadmill speed session, it was time to hit the road again. After some coffee + a luna bar (maybe eaten in bed…), I headed out the door for a (very) early a.m. run.

Frida coffee mug

luna bar

I’m not going to sugar coat it, certain parts of this 9-mile run were absolutely miserable. It was 34 degrees, windy, and sleeting/raining. My baseball hat blew off multiple times and I couldn’t feel my hands by mile 7. I am SO ready for spring to be here.

Good things about today’s run:

1) I made a friend in the park. His name is Dave, he’s 72 years old, and we run the same pace. Bwahahaha.
2) I ran with Ani and Chris for the middle miles. Company made the rain + wind more bearable.
3) It felt good to get up early and get my run out of the way.

Also, NO shin pain. A few aches and pains in my feet, but they were fleeting -probably from wearing the lunaracers yesterday.

Before I get back to the grindstone, I wanted to share some things that I’ve been lovin’ lately.

1) Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitzinger and Scott Douglas – So far nothing I’ve read in this book is completely groundbreaking (especially if you have a solid running background) BUT the authors do a great job of explaining the how’s and why’s of marathon training. If nothing else, the chapter on nutrition/hydration has convinced me to pay more attention to my fluid intake. I recommend this book if you’re an experienced marathoner looking for direction in your training.

Advanced Marathoning

2) After much procrastination, I finally bought a RoadID. If you’re a runner, you should have some form of ID on you at all times. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Mom – are you proud? 🙂

Road ID

Are you a fan of faux meat products i.e. veggie burgers, soy crumbles, gardein?

If you’re a runner, what do you carry with you? ID, cash, cell phone?

  • I love my road ID! I just feel safer with it. I also love those Just Fruit Bars…aren’t they great?

    I typically don’t do meat substitutes because I am not a huge fan of eating processed soy but I do like a product called Quorn…because it is a soy free meatless substitute. But typically I just eat the real meat.

  • I love faux meat products, even though I eat meat, too! Perhaps my deep love for them is why I gave up “prepared soy foods” for Lent, haha

  • Ohh guilt trip – I was just talking about how I need to buy a road id.

    I’m not a huge meat substitute person and if I do go that route, I like to choose foods that are less processed. The seitan on Monday night was pretty good. I also really like black bean burgers – I feel like they are not really trying too hard to be meat.

  • I wear a little Team in Training tag with my name, birthday, and an emergency contact. I try to run with my ID and insurance card but I need a bigger pouch! Since I don’t like to carry my blackberry, I let someone know exactly where I’m going and tell them when I leave and get back.

    What a speedy new friend! Yesterday before signing up for a half marathon, I checked out last year’s finishing times and saw several ladies over 65 finishing with 8 min mile paces. Oh I could only hope to still be doing that!

  • I’m not a very safe runner — I typically only carry my iPod. I really need a RoadID tag!

  • Bobbie

    I’m not a safe runner either. I carry nothng but my ipod with nike plus attached 🙂 My husband has mentioned gettng road ids on several occassions and I’ve just basically blown it off. Thanks for the inspiration to get on this!

  • :O 6.40 miles!!?? Ohmygosh, the first (and only) time I did a 7minute mile I was blown away!! You must be FAST!
    I don’t eat much faux meat stuff, cos generally the stuff I find is full of added nasties which I don’t want to eat!
    Running wise, I don’t take anything with me – my keys go under my car and that’s it! I should probably invest in some kind of wallet….

  • Shannon

    Where I live its actually illegal to be out in public without proper id. My running all takes place at the gym on the treadmill, but I do a lot of long distance cycling in the less snowy months and I never leave home with my mobile, id and change for the bus. Hey you never know.

    I’m a long time vegetarian and have recently been trying to cut back on my processed soy intake. I’ve taken to making my own chickpea patties that use (appropiately) chickpeas and wheat gluten and they are so yummy. I make up a double batch and freeze most of it so its just like having a veggie burgers but less processed and chemically.

  • I’m not crazy about fake meat for the most part, but some restaurants and companies do it really well (i.e. the chicken wings at Red Bamboo!). Generally, I’ll opt for a more veggie-centric item like the spicy black bean burgers made my Morningstar Farms. Just can’t seem to get enough of them! I’m dying for some more high-protein vegetarian options though and the Gardein products look awesome!

    I always run with my license and either $20 or a credit card. If I’m listening to music, I’ll likely have my iPhone with me too.

  • Tricia

    I was just thinking when I ran this morning how much I really need to make the Road ID purchase! I’ve had one too many close calls with cars not paying attention and I never have ID on me. (not smart I know)
    I don’t really run with anything on me actually, sometimes with my I-pod, but mostly it’s just me and the road!

  • I’m a huge fan of faux meat, which prob stems from my long-time vegetarianism. I love Tofurkey Italian Sausage (cut it up, heat and add to a salad, layer in lasagna, etc), chik’n patties, Morningstar and Boca Burger stuff, the list goes on.

    I run with my keys and cell phone, sometimes ID and cash if I think I’ll need it. My cell (and emergency contacts in it) are probably more useful than my ID. Sometimes my Metrocard, so I can get a ride home!

  • Hmm I don’t carry i.d. If I’m running on my lunch break, I carry nothing but an ipod (if that!). For long runs…it’s actually the same. If it’s really long, I’ll carry a gu and my house key but that’s it!

    Hey – good luck on sunday! I fly to England tomorrow for two weeks so I will be missing from blogland but I’ll look forward to catching up on your life when I get back!

  • Kym

    Where did you find those “chicken tenders” they look great!

  • I don’t carry anything other than keys, ipod and Nike+ when I run, but I had a dream the other night that I had a Road ID! It freaked me out and made me think there’s a reason I had that dream, so I may end up getting one next week.

    I’m not the biggest fan of fake meat products in general, but do like certain ones (the Morningstar Farms buffalo wings and some Quorn cutlets I used to get in England). I wish there were more available here because it would make meal planning in a pinch much easier!

  • I usually enjoy veggie burgers but haven’t had the opportunity to try out any other kind of faux meats.

    When I run I usually just carry essentials, keys, water and maybe music. A road I’d would be a good idea cause you never know what’ll happen out there.

  • Ah, I should carry a road id…but alas, I haven’t gotten around to that. Especially since I’m allergic to a host of different antibiotics.

    I love faux meat products! I think where people go wrong is they believe these products are actually going to taste like meat. I LOVE Morningstar burgers. But I also realize that they taste nothing like meat.

  • Love your blog. I am an avid runner as well, and I think you do a great job talking about eating enough of the right calories:) Love hearing some new meal ideas. Funny, it seems like fueling your body for all that running is almost like a part-time job – never mind blogging about it!

  • I carry my license, debit card, MetroCard and keys with me when I run outside, but a RoadID sounds like a good investment! Not that I think about this stuff too much, but what if I’m mugged and then get injured or hurt? Can’t hurt to have some backup…

    I haven’t really tried many fake meat products, just soysage once or twice. It wasn’t so tasty on its own, but it might be better in an omelet/sandwich!

  • I tend to run with very little on me (few dollars, keys) which is silly and dangerous. A road ID sounds like a smart item to bring along outdoors.

    Also, “I made a friend in the park. His name is Dave, he’s 72 years old, and we run the same pace. Bwahahaha.” I’m still smiling/laughing about that one.

    Those crispy tenders look delicious! I’m consistently impressed by certain faux-meat products that simulate the real deal so well. Red Bamboo also has some of the most impressive fake meat I’ve tried in a restaurant.

  • Interesting to hear other’s thoughts…it seems so controversial re: the processed/soy products…I DO eat them – but I eat EVERYTHING too …it seems nowadays people are allergic to everything…weird…

  • yay yay yay for living life to the fullest..its just too short!

    and i LOVE gardein. i just had their marinara breasts and even though i didn’t love the filling, they seriously get that “chicken” flavor so spot on, its hard not to devour!

    have a fab night girl 🙂

  • I am so not a vegetarian (although I don’t eat meat at home, mainly out of laziness) but I am fascinated by faux meat products. I am totally going to check out the faux chix tenders.

    Currently I have been enjoying veggie sausage – I make a fabulous egg, cheese and veggie sausage sandwich for after my long runs. And honestly – I can’t taste the difference. Granted, that could be because I am just ravenous after the run… 🙂

  • Carrie

    I usually carry my cell, license, $5, and my CTA card (just in case I give up during a long run and want to take a bus/train home. Hasn’t happened yet:)) in a SPI belt.
    I don’t care for fake meats, but my hubby and I LOVE Sunshine Burgers. He can’t eat soy and I just think they’re tasty, and I learned about them from reading your blog, so thanks Megan! 🙂

  • I haven’t tried the fruit bars, but after your review I might!
    I do eat veggie burgers sometimes but I’m trying to stay away from fake ‘meat’ products more and more because I don’t really know what all is in them! Trying to eat more whole foods.

    When I run, I usually carry some form of ID in a shoe pocket or in a shorts or jacket pocket, sometimes water (especially when the water fountains aren’t working!) and that’s about it. $ and a metrocard if I’m not running in the park.

    Glad your shin is feeling better!

  • I always have a road ID on my running and cycling shoes!

  • Its nice to hear that while you stay fit and focused on runs, you still manage to make friends along the way.(Happy to know Dave is #1 in your list of good things…)
    As they say, running is only half of the fun, the other half is from people who you “run” into along the way… =)

    Mark Martinez
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