Caravan of Dreams

Interval workouts and long runs are essential to a solid training plan, but so are rest days. After my right shin started barking at me on Sunday, I knew that Monday was going to be a day off. After some quality time with the ice pack and arnica cream, I’m happy to report that there’s no pain! I plan on going for a run later today (Tuesday), so that will be the real test. Fingers crossed! Lesson learned: Take a rest day now, avoid injury later!

Since I wasn’t hitting up the gym or running around Central Park yesterday, I had some free time on my hands. What to do?? How about a yummy vegetarian dinner with fellow NYC-area foodies!

Caravan of Dreams, a vegan restaurant in the East Village, has been on my “must eat here” list for awhile. The staff was very accommodating and happily reserved a table for our big group last night.

Caravan of Dreams

I’m still trying to figure out the settings on my camera, so some of the photos are bit blurry/dark. Believe me when I say that my pictures don’t do the yummy food justice!

It was lovely meeting and re-connecting with NYC area bloggers and food lovers. Thanks for coming out last night ladies!

Jess, Irina, and Liz:

Caravan of Dreams

Katherine, me, and Jacqui:

Caravan of Dreams

My meal started off with a simple salad dressed in ginger vinaigrette.


And a pot of vanilla hazelnut dessert tea. Who says you can’t have dessert tea before dinner?

Dessert Tea

For my main entree I ordered the Green Garden platter. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when I read that grilled carrot polenta was involved I knew I had to try it!

My dish was comprised of a bed of sauteed seasonal veggies (kale, cauliflower, carrots, cabbage), seitan, grilled carrot polenta, and a dollop of vegan sour cream. It was flavorful and hearty without being too heavy. I cleaned my plate! I love how satisfying a good vegan meal can be.

Green Garden Platter

Lindsey digs in!

Caravan of Dreams

I think everyone enjoyed their meals – everything looked so good! I have plans to go back and sample some of Caravan’s  “Live” (a.k.a. Raw) offerings.

Question: What are your thoughts on raw food? I’m not a strict vegetarian, but I’m still interested in exploring vegan and raw cuisine. The creations on Gena’s website, Choosing Raw, always look so yummy! 

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  • Dinner last night was a blast! I most definitely enjoyed my meal and am more than happy to help you sample some of their other culinary offerings any time 🙂

  • That food looks delicious! I’d love to try raw – I wouldn’t want to live as a raw foodist, but it’d be so much fun to go to a really good raw restaurant. Shame I live in the middle of nowhere!

  • Looks like you ladies had a delicious and lovely time! Sorry I ended up not being able to make it, I had to work a little later than expected. Grr.

    I can assuredly say I’d never take the raw route, but I do appreciate many of the recipes the cuisine offers up.

  • I was at Caravan of Dreams on Saturday afternoon! All of the food looked amazing, but all I had was a delicious juice. I have to try it sometime!

    Raw food has always sounded a bit “out there” to me, but I’ve never really given it a fair chance. I was also a little jaded by the ‘Sex and the City’ episode at Raw! 🙂 Maybe I’ll give it a shot one of these days…

  • Thanks again for organizing the meet-up and picking such a great place!

  • I love going to vegan restaurants and getting inspiration for all the things I would love to experiment with at home!
    Your meal looks delicious and filling!

    Totally with you on the rest day. I need at least one full rest day per week. I also know my body well enough to know running two days in a row, does not happy-angharad shins make! Knowing what works for you is key to happy running!

  • Looks tasty. I’m an almost-vegan, but I’m pretty iffy on raw food. Once in a while, sure, but I could never make it a lifestyle.

  • I love and loathe rest days. I usually have such an appetite from my weekend long runs that I just eat my way through my mondays. But it is also hard to rest. I definitely see the pay off though by being smart about it.

    As for the raw food thing, it works for some but some people’s constitution especially when doing a great deal of physical activity can’t handle it. I eat a lot of raw fruits and veg and my body actually would prefer cooked/warmed foods. Finding a balance that works for you is essential.

  • I enjoy incorporating raw eats to my diet. Glad your recovery day brought you a pain free day!

  • I’ve eaten raw for a few meals. It’s a lot of fun, but not so practical to live by. I do however like to fit a few, simple raw things into my diet daily, like an apple, or chocolate avocado pudding. I think just adding the little things is a great start towards digestive health

  • Amen to needing rest days! And I like dabbling in raw foods but I think I would need to do some more “soul searching” before I switched over completely.

  • Jesse

    I definitely think eating some foods raw is the way to go. From what I’ve read nutrients in some foods get destroyed by cooking, but nutrients in other foods are released by cooking and are therefore more available to our digestion. One raw food that I love is made by “Real Pickles” (made by friends of mine in Western MA with local organic foods from small farmers). They have a whole line of naturally fermented vegetables (dill pickles, sauerkraut, pickled beets, ginger carrots, etc.) that are delicious and really really good for you! Check out and they distribute in NYC!

  • what a fun meal! i would love to go raw! but i just dont have the time/dedication 🙁
    i really wana try a raw restaurant!

  • Jacqui

    Ok I promise this is the last time I’ll say it, but I had a great time! I’m also so glad we were able to participate in your rest-day activity 🙂 I know how anxious I get when I’m feeling sore and I have to rest earlier than planned, but when you’re spending the time off with good friends and good food it really helps you stay focused on the larger goal 🙂

    Hope your workout went well tonight!

  • I love vegan and raw foods but mostly just vegan. I prefer my veggies cooked–sometimes raw veg are just too hard on my stomach!

  • Morgan

    I went “raw” for about 3 months (back when I was in college and living at home).
    I can say that I did feel really good-like the brain fog wasn’t there. But it was hard to stay raw. I gave myself a cheat day, where I could eat non raw foods for one meal-but I didn’t eat meat on those days. I also still drank beer and wine, but not alcohol.
    It was definitely time consuming because I liked to play around with the dehydrator and make Sarma’s (of Pure Food and Wine) granola and nuts-which take days to make.
    I recommend going to Pure Food and Wine for the raw food. It’s gourmet raw food, but their dishes are beyond creative. I’ve never left there hungry or had to stop for a slice of pizza. In fact, I was so full after eating there, I had to go home and lie down! Once you go there, you will be so mesmerized by raw foods! I asked for a tour of the kitchen once and they let me have a tour!
    The best time to go would probably be middle spring and summer so you can enjoy eating in their garden with sake cocktails!
    The best balance I have found for incorporating raw is with juicing/shakes for breakfast and salads and raw fruits and veggies for lunch! It’s about balance and not goving yourself limits when you know you will break them.
    Currently I’m enjoying a salad with an aged nut cheese and raw crackers!