Caramelized Banana French Toast

And the winner of the Cuisinart food processor is….

Heather from Running Leaner and Greener: “I would make some hummus – but I would also make that tabbouleh recipe! I also just picked up that Thin Mint Ice cream – it is amazing.”

Heather – email me your shipping info. Congrats!

Despite the less than stellar weather, my Sunday featured some really fun things. Below are the “bests” of the day 🙂

Best exercise of the day: I woke up early on Sunday (hello Daylight Saving Time…) in order to do a rainy, but fun run with Alma and Ada of NYCollegeEats. Despite the rain, we were able to run on the bridle path for most of our miles and my legs appreciated the soft, squishiness. I ran about 7.5 miles (64 minutes) and the legs felt GOOD!

Afterward, our living room was filled with lots of wet running clothes and shoes. You can always tell when an apartment has runners living in it!

wet clothes

Best recipe of the day: Caramelized Banana French Toast based on Caitlin’s grilled banana sandwich recipe. This sandwich was full of filling fiber (whole grain bread), protein (egg), and sweet fruit (banana). Loved it!

caramelized banana french toast

caramelized banana french toast



  • Combine egg, milk, and vanilla in shallow bowl and soak the bread
  • Coat frying pan in non-stick spray and heat over medium-high
  • Add bread and banana to pan, sprinkle tops of bread with brown sugar
  • After about 2 minutes, turn the bananas over
  • Flip over the french toast and sprinkle cinnamon on the side now facing up
  • When french toast is cooked to your liking, remove from heat, and place bananas between the 2 slices of french toast
  • Sprinkle with powdered sugar and devour!

Best accomplishment of the day: A Yoga to the People podcast  (60 minute Power Flow #8) in my bedroom. I had planned on going to the actual studio at St. Mark’s Place, but the thought of battling the Sunday afternoon crowd just didn’t seem appealing. It had been 2 weeks since my last yoga practice (can you tell I like running more?) and this session had me working HARD. I think I audibly sweared at the instructor during the power lunge sequence. I always *think* about doing yoga at home, but those thoughts are usually replaced with google reader, Netflix, and a bowl of ice cream. I was very proud of myself for getting my yoga on. Yay, stretching and strengthening.

Best ice cream EVER: Peanut Butter Fudge ice cream (vegan) from Lula’s Sweet Apothacary. We all know I love ice cream, so you’ve got to believe me when I say that Lula’s vegan ice cream is the BEST ice cream (including dairy varieties) that I’ve ever had. Unlike some other vegan ice creams (ahem..Stogo…) there is no soy aftertaste. Most of Lula’s ice creams have either a cashew or coconut milk base and they are unbelievably rich and scrumptious. My go-to flavor is peanut butter and jelly (last week I bought a pint…gone in 2 days), but all of the flavors are good. Yesterday I ordered the peanut butter fudge and was in heaven. The ice cream had a rich peanut butter flavor with notes of chocolate fudge in the background. If you live in NYC, Lula’s is located on E. 6th Street near Avenue A. And FYI: Cafe Blossom (82nd St and Columbus Avenue) just started featuring Lula’s ice cream on its dessert menu. As long as this ice cream was a part of my life, I think I could easily become vegan.

Lula's vegan ice cream


Do you do most of your runs on the road? This article explains why that could be a mistake.

Where do you run the majority of the time? I’m in Central Park (roads & bridle path) for about 75% of my runs and on the treadmill for the other 25%.

  • I’ve been running always in the gym–I just hate the cold, what can I say?
    OMG that ice cream sounds amazing! I would move to NYC just for the good food if that made any practical sense

  • Adj

    (1) French toast = awesomeness
    (2) I’m fond of the NCR trail ( which runs between Baltimore county and York, PA. It’s beautiful, with lots of green scenery, creeks, horses – all that crap. I mean, ambiance.

  • I would love to see more pics of your apartment! I’m so curious to see what New York living actually looks like!

  • french toastgasm. anyway.. i run on the treadmill, i am so boring!

  • Tricia

    haha so true about runner’s apartments…I live in a duplex and the two other girls and I are all marathon runners, it’s been dubbed the track shack for that reason.
    Sweaty, sweaty girls!

    I run on the road mostly, trails some and avoid the dreadmill as much as possible.

  • Ah wow – I loved the look of the grilled banana french toast on Caitlin’s blog, and I love it just as much here!
    I run on the road all the time – there’s nowhere else for me to run 🙁 I’d give my right arm to run through Central Park though!

  • That french toast looks awesome! 🙂

    My runs are probably about 50/50…50% outside on the road and 50% on the treadmill. I never trail run…it scares me. I am so clutzy I would probably fall…

  • Liz

    All I have to say is YUM!! The FT looks amazing!!

    Good for you running 11 on the dreadmill! I can barely squeak out 2 miles on that thing!!

  • I run so I can eat French toast (I mean, for good health and self-betterment, blah blah blah). Oddly, I’ve never put bananas on my French toast, but after looking at your sandwich, that may change soon 🙂

    I always get dizzy (and bored) on treadmills, so I take my running to the road, which is OK because I’m not a high-mileage kind of girl. But, if I were, I’d definitely look into some grass or dreadmill time, because I don’t think my joints would like me much for the road pounding.

  • Haha, I love the aftermath of rainy running. My basement was a gigantic pile of icky, soggy stuff yesterday. But I would do it all again for not-crappy vegan ice cream. Of which I am jealous. LOVE Blossom, though – I ate there one Thanksgiving!

    As for running surface, I put the pavement in “hit the pavement.” Sometimes it feels like it’s hitting me, though.

  • Awesome time on that run!

    I would say 75-85% are on the treadmill and some are outdoors.

    The banana french toast looks DELICIOUS, girlie!!

  • That french toast looks INSANELY good!

    Aren’t those yoga podcasts ridiculously hard? I did one two days ago and I’m still sore.

  • your french toast looks fabulous – definitely the way you should kick start any week!

  • Megan, great looking French toast. I love making banana panini sandwiches.

    I’ve seen Genesis bread in the stores…how does it compare to Ezekiel??? I fear that Ezekiel bread would not make good French toast…

  • veronica

    Yum, I will be making some french toast this weekend. Thanks for the yoga podcast. I will try that out, too.

    As for running, it’s sidewalks and trails for me, but the trails around here are mostly paved.

  • Great looking French Toast!

    The weather keeps me on the treadmill for the winter but have just been able to start running outside again – makes a world of difference in my mood – I end up feeling so much more refreshed than if I run in the gym.

  • I forgot about the YTTP podcasts and have to try that out sometime when I can’t make it down there!

    The ice cream sounds delicious. I think there is a Cafe Blossom on the UES now. Pretty sure it’s the same, but I haven’t tried either, so not 100% certain. I have to get down to Lulu’s sometime soon and try this out!!

    I prefer to run in Central Park too, but hardly ever run on the bridle path, except for around the reservoir. I’m planning to use it more often this year!

  • I run in three parks throughout the city…depends on where I am! Would love to run with you sometime, and plan to pick your brain Thursday night. Thanks so much for your advice re: stretching and foam rolling… I’m trying to be better about it!

  • I do about fifty percent of my runs on the roads and the rest on the treadmill. I try my darndest to get all of my long runs done outside!

  • Ellen

    YUUUMMM. Carmalized Banana French Toast just might be the four most magical words. What a tasty combo!

    I usually run in Central Park. I LOVE it in the summer. Everyone is out running, biking, doing SOMETHING–it’s so motivating and makes my runs go by so much quicker!

  • Caroline – the genesis bread is definitely a little too “hearty” for perfect french toast, but it was still tasty. it’s almost identical to ezekiel bread. my fav type of bread for french toast is definitely challah!

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