Doubles and Donuts

Is a blog about healthy eating and running really going to talk about DONUTS today?? Yes, yes I am. But before we start drooling over cream filling, sprinkles, and frosting, let’s chat about running.


If you’re a frequent reader of my blog, you may notice that I occasionally do “doubles” a.k.a. I run twice in one day. Now to most people running even once a day might seem crazy, but let me explain. Running doubles certainly isn’t for everyone. If you’re a  newbie runner, prone to injury, or don’t have a lot of extra time, you’re better off being cautious with your mileage. If, however, you’re seriously training for a race and are interested in increasing your VO2 max, decreasing body fat, and building endurance – tacking on a second run might be beneficial to your training.

The most important thing to remember when adding mileage is to start slowly. On days when you run twice, one of the runs should always be super easy. For example, on days when I have a hard workout scheduled for the evening, I will often go for a 20-30 jog in the morning. This “shakeout” run gets my blood flowing and for some reason, it prepares me better mentally for the evening’s hard effort. Additionally, when I run in the morning, my legs are a bit fatigued for the workout. This teaches me to run hard when my legs aren’t feeling 100% fresh and it simulates the latter miles of a race.

If you’re ready to tackle doubles, remember to bump up your water and fuel intake. Immediately after your first run, hydrate and eat a 300-500 calorie meal to speed recovery. And give yourself at least 5-6 hours between workouts – your body needs some time to rest!

If you’re not quite ready to run twice-a-day, you can add on some cross-training instead. Some time on the elliptical or the bike can be a great low-impact way to increase endurance. And even non-impact activities like yoga can be beneficial as “doubles” – I’ve found that a gentle yoga session a few hours after a long run drastically reduces muscle tightness and soreness the next day.

Yesterday I ran 9 easy miles in the morning (felt good except for when the wind and rain whipped off my baseball cap!) and then I added on an up-tempo (i.e. quicker than usual) 3-mile run after work. I ended up totaling 12 miles for the day, but breaking it up into 2 sessions and giving each run a specific purpose made the time fly by.


Enough about running, now on to sugar! It’s no secret that I have a sweet tooth. I love cookies, chocolate, & cake and while I try to limit my indulgences, I eat something sweet almost daily. And you know what? That’s ok! I run a lot, eat plenty of fruits, veggies, & whole grains, and I think life is too short not to enjoy delicious things. Most of the time I bypass processed foods and try to make sure my sweets are homemade or at least contain some health benefit (dark chocolate!). It’s been ages since I’ve had a donut, so I wasn’t quite sure what to think when the company Holey Donuts sent me 3 boxes of their goodies to sample. Aren’t donuts packed with trans fats? If not, would they taste good?

Well, I did my research and here’s what I found out about Holey Donuts:

  • Trans-fat free (Holey Donuts are not deep fried in oil)
  • No artificial sugars
  • 3-4 grams of fat per donuts (compared with 20 grams in other brands)

Note: These donuts are not health food, they’re definitely still a treat/dessert, but since I’m going to eat sweets anyway, I might as well indulge in something a little better for me 🙂

Here’s what I was sent to sample:

1/2 dozen Pink-frosted donuts (haven’t tried these yet, but they look pretty!)

holey donuts pink frosted

1/2 dozen donut sampler (Boston cream, caramel apple, lemon graham cracker, raspberry vanilla truffle, blueberry crumb cake, and vanilla crumb)

Holey Donuts

I enjoyed the Boston cream donut with a cup of coffee for a mid-afternoon treat the other day. The donuts need to be stored in the freezer (because they lack preservatives), so I put mine in a tupperware and let it defrost for a few hours. You could also microwave the donuts for a few seconds. There was a good amount of cream filling in the middle and the topping was very fudgy. This definitely didn’t taste low-fat. If you like donuts, you’ll love these 🙂

Holey Donuts Fudge Boston Cream

And last, but not least I was sent 4 jumbo cinnamon rolls. Mmm, I always drool over the smell of cinnabon at the mall, so knowing that I could have similar treat that didn’t contain a 800+ calories and icky trans fat was great news. Check out the nutritional stats on these cinnamon rolls for yourself.  340 calories, 5 grams of fat, 68 grams of carbs, 8 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber, and 17% RDA of iron. That’s almost as good as a clif bar! I have big plans to try one of these babies soon!

Holey Donuts Cinnamon Rolls

Holey Donuts Cinnamon Rolls

Full disclosure: Holey Donuts sent me these product samples for free, but I honestly think they taste delicious and are a good option if you’re craving sweets.

Do you have any vices? Clearly, mine is dessert!

  • I’m not the biggest donut fan, but those cinnamon rolls look delicious.

    As for vices? I think I have too many to name but the first one that pops into my mind is cheese.

  • Donuts are not really a weakness of mine, but that’s ok…I have a fair few others! Chocolate cake always gets me, as does ice cream and chocolate.
    I’m impressed with your doubling but I appreciate the sensible way you do it – you might not have time to run 12 miles in one go during the week but you can split the run up and accomplish speed and distance all in one day! Kudos!

  • Good running advice,thankyou!! I’m definetly going to keep looking to your blog for running/food for running tips 🙂
    Ooh donuts…those ones look good!! My food vice is dark chocolate, I adore it!!

  • great advice on doing doubles! I’ve done a few while training for the marathon and sometimes it feels great to get a second workout in, but this is definitely good info to make sure I do it correctly!

    Never heard of these donuts and they look good. I’m so skeptical of the nutrition facts though. Are they smaller than normal donuts?

  • these look amazing, i’ve seen them around in blog land and have always wanted to sample

  • Jen

    I think carbs in general are my weakness. And OMG those cinnamon buns look amazing!!! I think you can convince Joe to eat a healthy donut.

  • Doughnuts might be my favorite dessert! But I try not to eat them as often as I’d like to! I love that these have no trans fat. I don’t think Krispy Kreme uses trans fat anymore either.

  • Bobbie

    I have been ordering Holey donuts since last summer and they are delicious!! Not only are they trans fat free but the fat and calories are low compared to other donuts! YAY! Holey Donuts! Now can I get them to send me a box for free since I just gave them kudos 😉

    As for vices mine is definitely coffee….I drink way too much of it. But…I love my sweets too!

  • Sophia

    Oh my goodness! You are SO lucky. I was just craving a donut (yesterday) so I will most definitely be trying these. Yum.

  • Oh wow. Those donuts look amazing. Especially those cinnamon rolls…yummmmmmm

  • thank you for those tips lovely!! i LOVE DONUTS!! oh my gosh..helloooo krispy kreme!

  • Bobbie

    oh and for someone who asked above..they are a little smaller than regular donuts..but still a decent sized snack

  • Thanks for the running tip! If I can’t squeeze in a long run all at once I usually split it up throughout the day and found that, at least for me, it takes more conditioning to do that as opposed to just running it out all at once.

    My vices are chocolate and anything chocolate covered.. yum

  • i can’t remember the last time i had a donut, but that’s just b/c they’re usually so unhealthy! sweets are definitely my vice and i’m always on the lookout for tasty, healthier options 🙂

  • Kacey

    I really like your advice and insight on running doubles–I’m going to put my newly gleaned knowledge into action next week!

    And I’m with you on sweets–I don’t discriminate, but ice cream would have to be my #1 weakness.

  • Hmm, donuts and doubles. I wonder if you can do a big run, eat a donut and then run some more?

    I also run at Equinox, btw, but haven’t used the chilled towels. Seems a little too fancy for my sweat really. But it is a great gym (I have belonged for years).

  • Chocolate. Cereal. Chocolate. Banana bread. I am just a weak person though. Like, I usually only make it half way through doubles. Also, those pink donuts are just adorable.

  • Those look really good. I rarely eat donuts–pretty much only if they come with a dessert I’ve ordered, which happened recently. Homemade only for sweets is a good rule, not only because of the preservatives/processed-ness but also because when someone makes something with love you can taste it. Yum.

    I barely have time to run singles, let alone doubles, but I like the idea of breaking up the mileage with different goals!

  • Jen

    I think I want to become a blogger just so I can get some of those free donuts!

  • Peanut butter (either alone or combined with chocolate) will always and forever be my vice! Diet soda is definitely up there too.

    If you need anyone to help you finish off those donuts — and especially those cinnamon rolls — I’m your woman! 🙂

  • I ran my first double just over a week ago (though it looks measly next to yours). I did 4 miles in the morning and another 4 that evening. The morning ones were on a fairly hilly route and the evening one was flat and fast.

    I LOVED it. I had 8 miles on the schedule for the day and just didn’t feel like getting up early enough to do the WHOLE thing but also knew I wouldn’t do it if I left it ALL till the evening. I definitely see doubles making an appearance in my training more often!

    Oh, and those donuts look delicious!

  • Those cinnamon rolls look awesome! My vice is (as odd as this sounds) kids cereal! haha! I love it!

  • My vice would be yellow cake. I don’t get the opportunity to have it much; maybe that’s a good thing 🙂

    Holey Donuts look awesome, and I would love to be able to eat them if not for the artificial flavors/colors and HFCS. My parents seemed to enjoy them, so I bet you’ll love them!

  • Yum, I’ve been wanting to try these, but I don’t have enough room in the freezer to store 3 boxes…that’s their minimum order requirement:(

    My vice is brownie ice cream sundays…mmmm!

  • Oh my – Holy Donuts!! My vice is definitely anything with sugar and carbs…coffee cupcakes with caramel filling, choco-chip cookies, AB on cinn-raisin bread/bagels…gah — everyday? every meal more like it 😉

  • No matter how full or unhungry or unhappy I am, I will always have room for ice cream!

  • Ellen

    Hol-y doughnut is right! YUM! You’re so lucky you got those samples. My vice is definitely sweets—particularly ice cream. What are your favorite ice cream/froyo places in NYC? I used to be a Tasti-D-Lite fan, but I know they use a lot of artificial ingredients, and a lot of the flavors taste the same. I recently tried The Lite Choice, which has about the same amount of calories, but it is all-natural and it is so delicious! Def try it if you haven’t already. I like 16 Handles too (which I think you’ve written about). I like it, but it’s dangerous for me to serve myself—I always go overboard!

  • Beth

    ny wolve – you asked about running eating doughnuts and then running some more – this may be right up your alley =p. Basically you run 2 miles eat a dozen doughnuts and run 2 more miles. I love doughnuts, but that makes me feel queasy just thinking about it.

  • Holy moly…those donuts and cinnamon rolls look awesome. Definitely have to do daily doubles when eating those babies! Mmm…