Oatmeal makes me run fast

For whatever reason I woke up before my alarm clock this morning – must mean I’m getting enough sleep! I wish I could say I did something productive with that extra time, but besides drinking coffee and watching The Today Show, I was pretty much a bum.

Frida coffee mug

I did, however, leave my apartment early enough to make a stop at Jamba Juice for some steel cut oats. They’re no longer “on sale” for $1, but they’re so good, I don’t care. My apple-cinnamon-brown sugar steel cut oats were extra thick and delicious today. Yum! I knew lunch was going to be on the later side, so I snacked on that apple mid-morning.

jamba juice oatmeal

I had a 12:30pm PT appointment which was much needed because my back was bugging me a bit after Sunday’s race.

By the time I got back to the office I was ready for lunch! Oh salad-bar salad, I missed you.


My salad selection included:

  • mixed greens, red onions, mushrooms, carrots
  • feta cheese, cottage cheese
  • tuna salad with capers
  • celery root slaw
  • marinated 3-bean salad
  • sriracha sauce

Plus a vitamuffin for carbohydrates!


I had plans for an evening interval workout, so I fueled up with a peppermint stick luna bar.

luna bar

Anddddd then I had to stay 1 hour+ late at work to plan for tomorrow’s “snowpocalypse”. There may have been a large handful of peanut M&M’s involved. Finally, finally around 7pm I made it to the gym.

Today’s intervals were based on a Central Park track club workout:

  • 1 mile warm-up
  • 8 x 600m @ 5K pace (~6:55 pace) with 200m jog recovery
  • 2 miles cool-down

Since I was running my intervals on the treadmill and not on a track, I had to be flexible. I estimated that 600m was equal to about .37 of a mile, so I ran fast for .37 miles and then recovered for .13 miles. I repeated this 8 times. It’s not exactly the same as if I were completing the workout on the track, but it’s close enough!

After my workout, I headed home and whipped up a quickie dinner. I’ve been having a variation of this salad for the last few days – reminds me a lot of nachos! Yum.

I chopped up a head of romaine lettuce and added refried beans, cottage cheese, salsa, hot sauce, and blue corn tortilla chips.

Picture 001

I’m about to make something delicious for dessert…stay tuned for the recipe!

FYI:  Nutrition rules you don’t need to follow.

Need ideas for a healthy Valentine’s Day dessert? Check out this chocolate-coconut-ricotta pudding. Mmm.

Looking for a way to increase your endurance and sidestep injuries? Check out Matt’s latest article over at Running Shorts – Walk Breaks: Not Just for Grandma

Hey NYC area readers! Would you be interested in meeting up for dinner sometime next week? I was thinking about Angelica Kitchen, but would open to other suggestions. Email me: runnerskitchen@gmail.com if you’re interested!

  • Recently discovered the chocolate peppermint flavor and have to say it blows other luna bars out of the water – have you found anything that compares?

  • i LOVE those nutrition rules. good article find! and your dinner is totally my kinda meal – simple, little preparation required, tex-mexy. A+!

  • I love the ‘mock’ nacho idea. Cottage cheese is so good! I wish I lived in NYC.

  • I love your healthy variation on taco salads! Looks delightfully textural.

    I’ve yet to try the Starbucks oatmeal, I’m often surprised and impressed by the high quality of their food items.

    Great job on the interval treadmill run!

  • I would LOVE to meet up soon!!

    Funny, I did an interval workout yesterday too, but not nearly as fast as you, miss speedy gonazalez 😉

  • Sounds like a great run!!!

  • This snow is crazy! I was here in the city just for a quick visit (I was supposed to leave yesterday!) and now I am here until Friday! That track workout looks great!

  • Jeannine

    Just wanted to let you know that Jamba is still running the $1 oats on Wednesdays. In fact, I’m enjoying mine right now : )

  • I love cottage cheese but would have never thought to pair it with refried beans! Interesting.

    Glad you got your workout in even with having to stay late! At least it actually snowed this time and wasn’t just a threat like last weekend!

  • Oatmeal makes my heart happy. And my tum! I want to meet up next week! Can I come?!
    Also, really loving your faux nachos. Refried beans are divine!

  • Ellen

    I didn’t know that Jamba Juice was no longer doing the $1! Phew, so glad I didn’t trekk out into this crazy snow storm this am to get some! And cottage cheese and refried beans are an interesting combination…how did you come up with that one?!


  • Great way to use up those beans! i’ve got leftovers from last night i need to use up! think i’ll use mine that way too!

  • My grandma always ate cottage cheese with salsa and it’s a friggin awesome combo. Love your salad!

  • I liked the Nutrition Article you linked too! Great advice!

  • Yum that salad looks delicious! I never use cottage cheese on my salads but it’s such a good idea.

  • Anth – the peppermint stick luna bar is my favorite, but the cookies and cream flavor is a close second!

    i’m not sure how i came up with the cottage cheese + refried beans combo. fridge leftovers inspiration, i suppose?

  • Those nachos are going to make me head home and cook up something Mexican! It looks amazing…