Back to the big apple

I started off Monday morning in Pennsylvania witha very sunny 4-mile run. Thankfully it felt a lot better than the 3-mile run I did on Sunday evening. FYI – splitting a large popcorn with mom at the movies and then leaving for an icy, dark run an hour later does not make for a good time. Learn from my mistakes. Once I got back from my morning jaunt, I breakfasted on coffee (in my U.S. House of Representatives mug!), OJ, and whole wheat toast with banana and nutella. I forgot how much I love nutella. Luckily, there was a brand new jar in my mom’s kitchen just waiting to be eaten.

nutella and banana

nutella and banana

And then it was time to head back to the big apple. Highlights from the car ride:

Grandma: “You know, I think that guy Reggie Bush is really attractive.”

Megan: “Who’s that?”

Grandma: “Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend!”

Yikes, G-ma is more on top of her pop culture than I am. Must buy newest issue of US Weekly ASAP.

And the mediterranean salmon salad I had from Panera Bread was pretty good too! Mixed greens were topped with red onion, olives, slivered almonds, feta cheese, salmon, and a mandarin orange dressing. Bravo Panera Bread!

mediterranean salmon salad

The rest of the afternoon included  my fav juice from Peacefood cafe – the hangover cure. Made with a lovely mix of apple, orange, celery, carrot, and ginger. Andddd lots of unpacking from the weekend.

I was feelin’ a little lazy and instead of making kale chips like I’d planned, I just plated some carrots and peanut butter and tortilla chips, melted cheese, and salsa. I had seconds of both!

carrots and pb

salsa and chips

I finished off the night with  some girl scout cookies while watching netflix in bed. Delicious. Lazy. Perfect.

girl scout cookies

Your questions answered! Or at least some of them….

What’s your favorite way to cross train? When I had to take a break from running last summer, I really learned to love spinning and yoga. They both offer different benefits – spinning helped me maintain my cardio endurance and I truly believe that yoga was beneficial in the rehab of my hamstring injury. Even now that I’m running 6 days a week, I’m still trying to keep these activities as part of my routine.

What do you do for a living? I work as the Operations Department Coordinator for a Manhattan law firm. My company has a great cafeteria – it’s where all of my salads come from 🙂

What do you reccomend as the best way to prevent running injuries? As soon as something starts to bother you (shins, knees, whatever!), take a day or two off. Admittedly, I don’t always follow my own advice (which is why it took me so long to get over my hamstring injury!!), but it’s much better to nip something in the bud rather than having to take many months off from running.

What is your height and weight? I don’t normally discuss this on the blog, but since I received a lot of requests: I’m 5 feet, 6.5 inches and weigh between 118-120 lbs.

How many miles a week do you run? What would be your number ONE tip for a first-time marathoner? Right now I’m running between 35-45 miles per week. My number one tip for a first-time marathoner would be: don’t start out too fast on race day! The adrenaline and excitement of the first few miles might tempt you to speed up, but don’t do it. You’ll pay for it in the second half of the race.

Where did you learn to cook? Is your family into cooking as well or did you just pick it up as you went? I talk a little bit about it on my About Me page, but I actually didn’t know how to cook at all until sophomore year of college. Over the past 5 years I’ve slowly taught myself how to cook and bake. My mom always made dinner while I was growing up, but it was pretty basic American fare – meatloaf, porkchops, spaghetti, etc. My love of vegetarian and ethnic food is definitely something I’m trying to share with my family, but it’s taking time 🙂

Do you have a “special person” in your life? Why, yes. I do! He’s not much of a talker and he’s kind of hairy, but he loves cuddling and even helps out with the laundry on occasion.



Hehe, love you Kiwi!

More questions to be answered tomorrow….

Question: What’s your favorite lazy-day dinner?

  • Hahaha I love that great story about your grandma!! I am so bad at pop culture, too. Fave lazy-day dinner is some Kashi frozen meal (Mayan harvest bake) or a quick omelet with whatever veggies I have laying around.

  • Love the answers to your questions!

    I’m a huge fan of spinning and yoga too. THey both provide great opportunities to use your muscles in ways you don’t get to while running. And they add so much variety to workouts.

    My favorite lazy-day dinner is either a wrap with PB&J or cereal. Super lazy!

  • My favorite dinner would be maple baked tofu, roasted sweet potatoes and roasted broccoli. Throw it all in the oven and it’s perfect an hour later

  • Ellen

    PB, carrots, faux nachos…even your random combo sounds yummy! My newest lazy day dinner are the “healthy” nachos I made last week, which was inspired by YOUR blog 🙂 I toasted whole wheat pita triangles, added a little cheese, black beans and salsa. YUM!

  • My family was the same growing up – definitely no lessons being taught in my household and I’m sure now my parents would raise their eyebrows at some of my choices!
    My go-to lazy dinner is pasta with tomato sauce…or oatmeal with all the trimmings.

  • Grace

    When I don’t feel like cooking I mix a big bowl of black beans with salsa, green peppers, onions and a couple scoops of sour cream. Some avocado makes it even better. Dinner in 5 minutes.

  • I love reading all of these answers to the “Ask Anything” questions! My favorite lazy dinner/comfort food is an egg over-easy on-top of any type of carbohydrate (oatmeal, rice, toast, etc)! So easy and so filling.

  • i love kiwi too! and your Q&A sesh.

  • Sana

    favorite quick meal…a wrap with eggs, some black beans, soy cheese, broccoli and marinara sauce if I happen to have any…ok I think that’s going to be my dinner tonight. Just made myself hungry haha

  • I’m a big fan of egg scrambles with whatever vegetables are on their last legs in the crisper drawer. Or, toast and cheese. And I’ve got to tip my hat to anyone doing the “ask me anything.” Good answers!

  • Oh I loved reading your answers! Kiwi is a cutie!! 🙂

  • Lazy dinner? Well soup if I’m reallllly lazy or a flat out wrap with hummus and veggies.

  • Madeline- Greens and Jeans

    Your grandma is too cute! My favorite lazy day meal is crazy lazy- peanut butter, honey, and banana!

  • My favorite lazy dinner would have to consist of breakfast food – (I could eat brunch 3 meals a day every day and be happy!) – so definitely cereal or oatmeal… or maybe just scrambled eggs on a whole wheat English muffin with salsa. Avocado always makes this combo even better!

  • Your grandma is hilarious. I know what it’s like – my grandma (87 y/o) keeps up with the family on email and Facebook! It’s a bit odd when your Grandma friends you on FB!

    My go to easy meal is a simple PB&J sandwich with a pear and some veggies. I like Kate’s ideas too – I think we are food friends & but don’t know it yet!

  • Your Grandmother rules.

    Also, that Panera salad looks delicious. Love the blend of Omega-3 rich fish with greens drenched in citrus dressing!

    My favorite lazy meal is either a nuked sweet potato with beans, hummus, greens, and hot sauce thrown on top OR a yogurt mess.

  • You are brave to take questions from your readers… the internet… so weird.

    I agree with everyone else. Your grandma is great.

  • Sara

    Congrats on your feature in “Skinny in the City!” How exciting!!!! 🙂 I still toy with the idea of joining the CPTC and you’re such a motivation 🙂

  • Hey! congrats on getting a piece published on Skinny in the City! That’s awesome!

  • I love it! Thanks so much for answering questions!

    You’re really lucky to have such a great cafeteria. You salads always look amazing.

  • Joe

    Oh lord, Megs. I cannot picture that coming out of Grandma’s mouth. She kills me.
    Also, I thought you were talking about me in the special someone answer, till you got to the laundry part. Damn that Kiwi, stealing my fiancee. It’s because Kiwi didn’t make you see “A Single Man”, isn’t it?