Sometime yesterday afternoon I started to get wayyy cranky. My back hurt. The work day was dragging by. And the thought of fighting the hoards of people at my gym for some elliptical or treadmill time was the LAST thing I felt like doing. Usually a good kick in the pants is all I need to get myself motivated – I often feel better once I get going. However, yesterday my body was fighting me tooth and nail on a gym visit. Maybe it was my cranky mood, maybe it was residual tiredness from Monday’s long run, but in any case I decided to go home instead. I ate s’mores for dinner and spent the evening lounging in bed whilst watching Hannah Montana: The Movie. It was perfect cure for whatever was grating on my nerves and I woke up feeling much better this morning.

Since I didn’t run or cook/bake anything interesting yesterday, I have some product reviews for you!

A few weeks ago I received a stack of coupons for Voskos Greek yogurt. I ventured to my local Whole Foods and stocked up – I go through Greek yogurt faster than oxygen!

  • Pros – the free coupons were nice, but the price on this variety is actually very reasonable. They were on sale for 86 cents a piece. That’s a steal in New York City!
  • The honey vanilla bean variety that I sampled had a nice flavor – not too sweet, not too tart. I could even see real specks of vanilla bean!
  • The nutritional stats were also pretty stellar – 130 calories, 0 grams of fat, and 12 grams of protein. Voskos also contains live, active cultures, is gluten-free, and sources milk without rBST, rBGH, or GMO.
  • Voskos comes in two varieties – natural and organic. Hooray for an organic option!
  • Cons – when I opened the yogurt there was quite a bit of watery whey on top, I poured it off.
  • The consistency was a tad thicker than regular yogurt, but it wasn’t even close to how creamy and fluffy the Fage brand is.
  • At my local Whole Foods, the only plain option was full-fat. I enjoyed the honey vanilla bean flavor, but my favorite variety of yogurt is non-fat (or low-fat) plain.  I’ll have to visit some other grocery stores to try and find the other flavors!

All in all, I really enjoyed this yogurt. It’s nutritionally comparable to other varieties of Greek yogurt and it’s a more economical option.


As I mentioned, I was craving s’mores like whoa yesterday and since I already had mini chocolate chips and mini marshmallows on hand, all I needed were some graham crackers. I picked up a box of Mi-Del 100% whole wheat honey grahams from Whole Foods and was quite impressed with the nutritional stats. Most crackers and cookies are made with lots of sugar and refined flour, these on the other hand were made with whole wheat flour and sweetened with unsulfered molasses. And one serving contained 3 grams of fiber! The only down-side? They tasted “healthier” (i.e. more bland) than the graham crackers of my youth. Ah well, that’s the price you pay for better nutrition!

Honey Graham Crackers

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There’s a reason why Rocky trained in Siberia in Rocky IV….

Question: When you’re in a bad mood, what do you do to get out of that funk? Exercise? Take a day off? Bake some cookies?

  • I’m a little obsessed with Voskos. 86 cents? I would have bought 12. The honey vanilla bean is like gourmet in my mind. The plain non fat is missable, but I love getting their full fat to mix in some other brand’s 0% for a nice 2%

  • Kateness

    I believe you accidentally mis-linked the True/Slant article – it directs to the crackers…


  • Natalie

    When I am in a bad mood a good run or hard cardio workout ususally fixes it. But I too have days where the gym is just out of the question. In that case, shopping is great therapy! So is eating candy and watching movies. I hope you enjoyed the Hannah Montana movie, I know I did!

  • When I need to break out of a bad mood I either run or sleep. There’s not really much in between!

  • I’m going to be a little outspoken. I hate the Mi-Del Grahams.

  • Anne

    Annie’s White Cheddar Mac and Cheese can make for a great night when you want to skip the gym and will certainly energize you if you want to get up and do a workout the next morning instead!

  • Marianne in Auburn

    Hee Hee, I bought the Mi-Del grahams in hopes of making a healthier pie crust at Christmas for my pumpkin pie….I took one test bite of the graham and sent hubby to the store to guy the less desirable and more processed honey maid grahams! I thought about making the crust with annie bunnies but then thought heck, it’s only once a year! The Mi-Del grahams are still sitting in the cabinet and probably will be for awhile!

  • I love midel cookies…especially the gluten-free ginersnaps and chocolate chip varities! YUM in my tum!

    Whenever I am cranky is 99% of the time due to be tired. So I typically opt for a nap (something I RARELY do) or shove off to bed extra early. Typically after I get the needed R&R I am back to my old self again!

  • Corinne

    if the gym won’t kick my funk, and lets face it there ARE days it wont. usually cooking/baking/reading or watching a movie will do it! sometimes you just have to listen to those cranky muscles 🙂 i pulled the same thing last night, made chili. it was GREAT

  • There’s a bad mood and then there’s a bad mood. If it’s the prior then I go for the run and do all the things I know should make me feel better – and usually they do! But then there’s a bad mood and at that point it’s usually best for me to do exactly what you did – go home, get in my pj’s or the bath, read a trashy mag, watch tv, eat something comforting and sleep it off!
    Glad you feel so much better now!

  • First I usually curl up with a blanket and let myself be in a funk 🙂 But then if it lasts too long I try to do something about…usually something involving getting out of the house 🙂

  • j

    I am quite obsessed with voskos non-fat plain. It’s my fave greek yogurt out of the six brands I’ve tried- it’s so much less sour than the other brands!

  • Ellen

    Phew, it’s good to know that even super-healthy runners like you take the day off and medicate a bad mood with marshmellows and chocolate 🙂 I usually go to the gym when I’m in a funk bc I know that NOT working out will only make me feel more depressed.

  • Mary

    Running, sleeping, and cooking are all great ways to work through a funk 🙂 Do you have any upcoming races planned? I want to race the 15K Colon Cancer Challenge in late March. I’ve done a 10K and Half-Mara, but nothing in-between, so it would be a new distance!

  • Well, ladybird, I hope that you’re feeling more uplifted. I know how it feels to just feel plain ol’ pissy. I think your remedy of Hanna Montana was pretty appropriate and helpful. 🙂

    When I’m in a bad mood, I call my mom and wail. Seriously, as grown-up as I have to be in my day-to-day life (basically being a Mommy myself), it helps to know that I can always call my Mom, vent, and be a little girl again…3,000 miles away on the phone. If she isn’t home, I just stretch, take deep breathes, and tell myself that it’s just a mood, and like the weather, will change.

    Graham crackers rule in any form, but I agree, I grew up with the good ole’ Honey Maid variety and love them.

  • Glad your spirits are much better today!

    If I’m in a grouchy mood I know 2 things will help. The first is a very difficult run with some speed intervals. I think the discomfort takes my mind off of grouchiness. If I’m really not feel like exercising I’ll veg in front of the TV and have something breakfast-y for dinner, like pancakes of eggs. I don’t know why but having breakfast for dinner can always help cheer me up.

  • My kids loves Hanna Montana so much that they are addicted to it. Anyway, Miley is a pretty and talented young girl.~:`

  • i always love Hanna Montana because she is funny and she sings very well `