January long runs = cold

I was up in the air about my long run this week – when should I do it? Where should I run? The temps on Saturday were pretty chilly – 21 degrees (11 with the wind chill!), but I had a group of running buddies to keep me company, so an outdoor long run didn’t seem too daunting.

My pre-run routine included the usual coffee with a splash of milk:

Frida coffee mug

Herbal tea (to warm me up even more!), a sliced apple sprinkled with cinnamon, peanut butter, and a luna bar.

Apple and peanut butter

luna bar

The run itself was pretty uneventful, a little chilly, but at least the sun was shining. I ended up running a relaxed 10 miles in about 1 hour, 28 minutes (~8:48 pace). I wore my Wesleyan cross-country zip-up and someone gave me a shout out at mile 5. Running into (pun intended) friends and acquaintances in Central Park is one of my favorite things – it makes me feel like I’m “at home” in this city of 8 million people 🙂

After a quick change-a-r00 (definitely a made-up word) I headed to Hell’s Kitchen to meet Joe for some eats. I selected Route 66 Cafe as our destination and it served a decent brunch. The decor is a little strange (nothing to do with Route 66 or the American West), but the food is always fresh and tasty.

Route 66 Cafe

Bonus: Our waiter brought us complimentary apple cake to start! I was hungry after my run, so this was much appreciated. Joe was ready to dig in:

Route 66 Cafe

Lately I’ve been craving meat (iron + protein), so I listened to that desire and ordered the Bison burger. It came with coleslaw, a pickle, and french fries and was exactly what I wanted. This was a pretty hearty platter of food and I was able to finish about 75%. Post-long run meals are the best – everything tastes better when you’re hungry!


I spent the rest of the afternoon walking around, shopping, and spending too much $$ enjoying a decaf misto from Starbucks.


And then a few squares of sea salt dark chocolate when I returned home. This chocolate is my favorite thing of the week!

dark chocolate sea salt

After pretty-a-fying (another made-up word?) ourselves, Alma and I headed out on the town for the annual Central Park Track Club holiday party. It was held at the Harbour Lights Restaurant in South Street Seaport and the views of the Brooklyn Bridge were great!


Some nibbles went un-documented throughout the night, but I started off with a glass of white wine and some bruschetta for an appetizer.

Yikes, I’m still getting used to my new camera – I definitely should have changed the settings for the food photography! Sorry about the blur…


Dinner involved lots of green – salad with dressing, steamed veggies with a sprinkle of parmesan, red bliss potatoes, and a bit of salmon.


And a little taste of everything for dessert – the mini cheesecake was my favorite. The dessert selection at this year’s holiday party was far superior to last year’s offerings – thank goodness! Crappy desserts (or worse – none at all!) make me a very unhappy girl.


2 glasses of wine + heels + dancing + 1am bedtime was probably not the best pre-triathlon routine (umm…yes, that was scheduled for the very next morning!), but I had a lot of fun with my teammates and the holiday party only comes once a year! I DID survive my first triathlon, so stay tuned for a recap 🙂


Over at True/Slant Matt and I discussed the effects of sleep on running and race performances – check it out!

Question: What’s your winter-time workout routine? Do you stick to the gym? Run outside no matter what? Hibernate ’till April?


  • I feel ya on the cold run – I ran the Fred Lebow 5 miler this weekend and froze my behind off! But despite the cold, it turned out to be a great race and there were sooo many people. It just goes to show how running-crazed New Yorkers are I guess! And I love it.

    In the past, the cold weather turned me into a treadmill girl, but I am working hard this year to force myself to get out there despite the frigid temps. Hope my motivation can last through March.

  • Congrats on getting out in the cold! I am totally surprising myself this year and have been running through the minnesota freeze. I think the coldest so far has been 5 degrees with a wind chill of -10! Eek! I really do find that if I’m bundled up enough it’s not a big deal! Has to be done in daylight though 🙂

    You look so pretty in your dress – and so does Alma! Lovely!

    Can’t wait for the triathlon re-cap!

  • I love that pink dress!

    And in the winter I tend to mix it up – if I’m feeling brave I’ll bundle up and go outside and if I’m feeling lazy/cold I’ll just head to the gym.

  • I’m a gym rat in the winter, and now I home rat since I don’t have a gym. It’s not optimal but it’s definitely better than not doing anything.

  • Love your dress.

    I’m a wimp and hit the treadmill in the winter. Maybe next year haha!

  • I LOVE Bison Burgers. So lean and delicious.

    Looks like you had fun at the holiday party! Cute dress!

    As for winter-time workouts, I generally stay indoors. If it’s above 25 degrees, though, I’ll make it outdoors for a nice, brisk run. Also, I agree entirely with your sentiment about Central Park. A blissful, runner’s haven!

  • I really enjoyed yesterday’s 16kms in the cool Canadian winter. I definitely take my runs inside when it gets too cold out to be safe (frostbite can be dangerous) or when the snow is too deep to trudge through without doubling my efforts. My New Year’s Eve 10K in 5cm snow was like running through oatmeal, and my legs were sore for days afterward. Winter running takes a little more care in terms of route planning and watching the weather reports, but I haven’t felt the need for YakTraks or anything so far. I’d call that a success!

  • Awww two of my favorite things in this post: Route 66 – I love their omelets – and the Sea Salt Lindt bar – probably the best chocolate around.

    And I’m totally in agreement about Central Park – it makes Manhattan feel like a little community when you see the “regulars” out there, I love it!

  • You are a trooper! I tend to stay indoors when it is winter and I become a treadmill junkie! But I am in Texas and anything below 35 is too cold for me…haha…what can I say, I am a cold weather wuss! But running in 100+ heat…eh…no problem!

  • Sea salt and dark chocolate?? Why haven’t I found that yet?! Sound likes heaven.

    Winter running is usually pretty hard to stick with but I’ve been doing pretty swell this winter since I’m training for my first 1/2 marathon and know that I NEED to get the runs in. As long as I put my running clothes out the night before I can muster up enough excitement to go out in the cold and rain.

  • yay for your triathlon! can’t wait to get the recap!

    you and alma look adorable at the party! LOVE that pink on you!

    lots of love girl!

  • What a cool event! You guys looked gorgeous 🙂

  • Love your blog! I’m originally from California (San Francisco) so running in the winter is new to me, even after already 2.5 years here in Boston! This weekend’s long run was possibly the coldest I’ve ever done (-1 with windchill!), but I think I’ve adapted well to running in the cold. The key that I’ve found is definitely layering and keeping my head and hands warm. And I also realized this weekend I need to get warmer socks!

  • Ok… where did you get a Frida mug? I am totally in love!

  • The Lindt sea salt and dark chocolate bar was found at Borders bookstore – the only place I’ve seen them around!

    Amanda – the Frida mug is from the Frida Kahlo house/museum in Mexico City.

  • Thanks a bunch!