Chocolate chips in a jar

TGIF! Just finished a 6 mile run in practically balmy temps (38 degrees) and now I’m counting down to the weekend. But first, let’s rewind to Thursday…

I took a few days off from running because I was feeling under the weather, but I was ready to hit the roads again Thursday morning. I fueled up with my coffee and a homemade clif bar beforehand and saved the orange for afterwards. Alma and I ran for about 40 minutes (plus 4 strides!) and I felt good. Lower left back is still feeling a little tight, but didn’t bother me too much during the run.

Homemade clif bar

Once I got to the office, I had breakfast #2 – egg whites with sriracha sauce and a slice of Eli Zabar’s health bread topped with pb & j.

Eggs and toast

Plus a mid-morning decaf cappuccino. Yum, I could drink these all day long.


I have pretty much given up on packing a lunch this week, so to cafeteria I went! I mixed up a colorful salad that contained:

  • romaine lettuce, sliced mushrooms, shredded carrots
  • chickpeas, feta cheese, dried cranberries, whole grain croutons
  • wild rice and asparagus salad
  • roasted brussels sprouts and onions


And to satisfy my 4pm sweet tooth, I tried something a little different. Instead of straight up dark chocolate (which I LOVE, but have been eating a little too much of lately), I opted for a Wallaby low-fat chocolate yogurt. The tangy plain yogurt mixed with the chocolate yogurt was really tasty – plus this snack packed a good amount of protein and calcium. Yay. Stonyfield Farm makes a similar yogurt flavor – I think it’s called “Chocolate Underground”.


I considered cooking something for dinner, but then Alma suggested that we go to Chipotle. How could I pass that up? And the weather was warm enough (40 degrees!) that the 15 minute walk there and back was almost pleasant. My go-to Chipotle order is the salad – romaine lettuce, fajita veggies, spicy tomato & green tomatillo salsa, black beans, lots of guacamole, and a sprinkle of cheese. I ate it ALL đŸ™‚


For dessert, I added some mini chocolate chips to a jar of peanut butter and spooned away. Wouldn’t it be dangerous awesome if jars of peanut butter came with chocolate chips already mixed into them? I might patent this idea.

Peanut butter and mini chocolate chips

Got a little extra junk in your trunk? Don’t sweat it – new research shows that  body fat in the butt and thighs helps to prevent against diabetes and heart disease.

Will protein shakes and creatine help you get buff? The NY Times explores the fitness supplement phenomenom.

Question: I’m travelling this weekend and need healthy snack ideas for the bus. What’s your favorite on-the-go option?

  • I made some homemade granola bars last night too! It was too late to get the photos up to post but there will be a post forthcoming.
    Glad you’re feeling better! Yay for weekend travel – I always carry bars (!!), plus some on-the-go fruit. Have fun!

  • Tay

    I’ve had had the PB Loco Chocolate chip cookie PB – it has chocolate chips. Dangerous territory there đŸ˜‰

  • On my trip to new york, I packed an instant oatmeal and yogurt, and mixed them up for some quick muesli. It was delicious on the go.
    And the cookie dough P.B.Loco has mini choc chips in it. It’s so cute

  • Whenever I travel and need convenient snacks I typically opt for trail mix that I make up myself. Typically mine looks like this:

    mini dark chocolate chips


  • Your salads always look amazing. yum.

    And if PB already came with chocolate chips mixed in that is all I’d eat for a week.

  • I wish my work had a cappuccino machine, yours always look awesome!

    For snacks, lately I have been into zone bars and coffee or tea in a to-go cup.
    Enjoy your trip!

  • Jacqui

    My favorite on-the-go snacks:
    -An apple
    -Trader Joes vanilla non-fat yogurt + Kashi heart-to-heart cereal!

  • I bring apples with me everywhere. Nutritious and super filling!

  • safe travels!

    and chipotle, how i love thee! i swear they have the best guac eva!

    travel snacks: bars, veggie bags, fruit, trail mix…ya know, the usual đŸ™‚

  • YL

    my favorite snack would be Fiber One Oats and Peanut Butter Chewy Bar… gosh it is soooo delicious! I can seriously eat it all day… it is addicting so be careful with it! haha

  • Karen

    Guess what. There is PB with choco in it.
    The white chocolate blend from Peanut Butter Co. gets me everytime. Can’t buy it anymore.

  • I’m a fan of making my own trailmixes when I’m on the go. That way I know what’s in it and can control the salt. There’s always way too much salt in most trailmixes.

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