A touch of sea salt

Earlier this week I took a personal day from work to spend some quality time with my sister. She wasn’t due to arrive in the city until mid-morning, so I woke up at my usual time and hit up the gym. My back’s been bothering me a bit lately, so instead of running I hopped on the elliptical for 35 minutes, swam laps for 15 minutes, and finished up with some strength training. It’s 2 days later and my butt and hamstrings are STILL sore. Do these moves at your own risk:

  • 3 x 10 squats
  • 3 x 10 calf raises
  • 3 x 10 tricep dips
  • 3 x 10 bicep curls w/ 12.5 lb weights

My pre-workout mini breakfast was a key lime pie lara bar and after the gym I met my sis for a Starbucks latte.

Latte and lara bar

While doing a little shopping (J. Crew sales!), I finally found the elusive Lindt dark chocolate and sea salt bar and treated myself to a few squares. Probably not the healthiest mid-morning snack, but if sure did taste good. And dark chocolate contains iron and antioxidants – that has to count for something, right?

dark chocolate sea salt

Next on the agenda: Indian food! Rachel loves this cuisine, so I found a little place nearby and off we went. Basera had a great lunch special – naan, rice, and any vegetarian, chicken, or lamb entree all for $8.95.

Naan and rice

Along with my rice and naan, I ordered the saag masala (spinach and chickpeas). So good! I had a generous second helping and left feeling stuffed.

Saag Masala

I usually eat at my desk during the work week, so it was nice to enjoy a relaxed lunch with friends.

Basara Indian Restaurant

With our bellies full of naan and vegetables, Rach and I headed over to Broadway for the day’s main event, Wicked. The show tix and the day together were my birthday present to my sis 🙂


After the show, Rach and I popped into a nearby bar so she could enjoy her first legal drink in NYC (she just turned 21!). The appletini looked good, but I had a long night of writing and other work ahead of me so I opted for a diet coke instead.

Isn’t she cute? hehe.


Alma offered to make dinner and I definitely appreciated the night off from cooking. My roommate made a yummy whole wheat cous cous, peppers & onions, & tofu combo. Topped with a little salt, pepper, and hot sauce it was a perfect filling meal for a wintry evening.  I think Alma has plans to guest blog about the recipe, so stay tuned!

Cous cous, veggies, tofu

Dessert was a warmed up vita brownie topped with lots of peanut butter and a container of Fage 0% greek yogurt on the side.

vita brownie


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Question: What’s your lunch hour like? Do you usually eat at your desk? At a restaurant? At home?

  • I used to eat in my History class first semester and that’s how my prof got to know me 🙂
    I firmly believe a touch of sea salt makes everything better. I love putting them on top of peanut butter cookies, and when people think it’s sugar they’re in for a little surprise

  • Mmm…sea salt dark chocolate sounds delish.

    You and your sister definitely look alike 🙂

    I eat at my desk every. single. lunch hour. And I only get a 1/2 hour for lunch 🙁

  • I usually eat at my desk and catch up on reading and blogging; some days I swim during my lunch hour so I eat at my desk while I work. It’s not ideal, but worth it just to get a quiet hour at the pool three times a week!

    And thanks for the moves! I’m giving those curtsy lunges a try and crossing my fingers they don’t make my knees have tantrums.

  • I’m usually stuck eating at my desk, but once in a while I can sneak out to the gym for an hour. Those are the best days!!

  • I need to start swimming. Sort of hard to want that when it’s 0° outside though. I love how it makes me feel.

  • Mmm indian food. droool. My fave. I had an amazing indian spread in Vancouver and it reignited my love. We just don’t have enough of the good stuff here!
    So nice you got to see your sis too – and hit up the sales! Woot woot!

  • I’m a desk slave at lunch, like many people in our company. It’s bad b/c I should be up and moving around a bit more during the day, but it’s good b/c I tend to eat healthier than those that go out for lunch.

    I loved Wicked! It was my first Broadway show I saw when I moved here in 2006! did you like it?

  • Did you like Wicked? I saw it this past summer and thought it was AMAZING!!! I loved it!

    I usually eat lunch at home (I am a nutrition manager so I get to make my own hours) and my husband is a personal trainer so he makes his own hours too. Which means about 4 out of the 5 days we get to eat lunch together! Love it! 🙂

    PS…Alma’s dinner looked awesome!

  • I usually eat at home or at my “desk” (it’s so small you could barely call it that!)

  • Hi! Just found your blog while I was looking for Boston Marathon pictures! Love it! I just started a blog about 2 months ago to chronicle my training for the Boston Marathon. 🙂 Looking forward to following your blog and good luck on your upcoming races! 🙂

  • Sea salt chocolate is the best.

    For lunch I either eat at home or at a little cafe, depending on my mood and my funds.

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  • Happy Birthday to your lil’ sis! Oh, what i wouldn’t give to turn 21 all over again.

    Indian food is easily my favorite kind of cuisine, and I rarely eat it…because dangerous things would happen to my waistline if I ate it too often. Holy Ghee, is it rich. Your lunch looks delicious. Glad you were able to snag some off-time during the work week.

    I usually eat my lunch at home, right before I begin my second work shift of the day. I’m very spoiled in that I get to enjoyed a fresh, home-cooked meal for lunch during the week. If I’m working an exceptionally long shift during the day, I just order take-out along with the kids. Usually a salad or something to that effect.

  • SOOO CUTE – happy birthday sister!!!!

    wicked + indian + early am workout + starbucks = perfect day. when i come visit, i am hoping for the same itinerary. hope you had a marvelous weekend lady – chat soon 🙂