Sunday Bests

My Sunday was just as jam-packed as the rest of my weekend, but at least I was able to sleep in until 9:30am! After a few hours of  breakfast, blogging, and organizing my life, I headed to the gym. I had a long run on the schedule, but the weather was just awful (cold with heavy rain). I try to run outside whenever possible, but today was definitely a treadmill day. How do you run 12 miles on the treadmill without dying of boredom? Well, first you should read my True/Slant article with Tips for Surviving the Treadmill! I tried to follow my own advice and while the run wasn’t thrilling, It went pretty well.

I split up the run into 3 parts:

  • 5 miles on treadmill #1
  • 5 miles on treadmill #2
  • 2 miles on treadmill #3
  • Total: 12 miles in 1 hour, 46 minutes, 17 seconds (~8:51 pace)

Breaking up the run into smaller chunks makes it seem more manageable and it helps me get around the machine’s 60 minute limit! I jog from one treadmill to the next, so the break isn’t that long – 30 seconds tops.

After showering, I re-fueled with a grapefruit, Clif bar, and a few Goji Gourmet cookies.


Clif bar to go

Goji Gourmet

I received the cookies as a free sample (they’re made super-close to where I work) and I loved them! The top 3 ingredients are: organic whole wheat flour, organic goji berries, and organic oats. They’re sweetened with organic buckwheat honey and contain other goodies such as: raw wheat germ and almonds. Each cookie is 25 calories and contains a decent amount of vitamins and fiber. Plus they taste GOOD! This is definitely something I’ll be buying again once my samples are all eaten 🙂


Later in the afternoon, I headed downtown to meet Chelsea for a class at Yoga to the People.  The class featured some deep hip openers and gentle IT band stretching – exactly what I needed post-long run!

After yoga, Chelsea and I braved the rain and ventured to a cozy macrobiotic  restaurant near Union Square called Souen. Curious about what macrobiotic actually means? Check out the description on Souen’s website – they describe it very well!

I started off with a pomegranate juice seltzer.

Fizzy Pomegranate

For my entree, I was adventurous and chose the broiled tofu okabe. A thick slice of tofu was covered in a delicous and savory sesame seed sauce. It tasted a lot like tahini!

Broiled Tofu Okabe

I received brown rice on the side.

Brown Rice

And my favorite thing of the day – a big plate of steamed vegetables! Seriously, the kale and acorn squash made me SO happy 🙂

Steamed veggies

I finished this dinner with a happy tum and then booked to the W. Village to hear Alma perform at Le Poisson Rouge. The concert venue was transformed into a jazz club-esque space: low tables,  flickering candles, etc. It was a fun show! Very different from anything I’ve been to lately.

ACJW @ Le Poisson Rouge

When I got home, it was nearly 11pm. After a snack and some email writing, I was ready to crash. Busy weekends and long runs will do that to a girl!

‘Tis the season:

In honor of the latke-making class I’m headed to tonight (so excited!), check out this healthy Hanukkah recipe from the gals at Skinny & the City.

Check out these tips for making healthy choices at the holiday buffet.

Need a gift idea for your active friend? Nancy Clark, R.D. offers up some recipes for yummy, edible gifts. Will someone make me those peanutty energy bars?? Hehe.

Question: What’s your favorite weekend ritual? Pancake breakfasts? Sleeping in? Afternoon yoga classes?

  • this sounds like my kind of sunday! my favorite weekend rituals involve yoga with yoga buddies and cooking a fab meal of sorts. oh, and lots of apartment time – vegging out is key.

  • Goji Gourmet makes the best cookies. I wish I lived near a retail store, but I don’t mind ordering them

  • Great treadmill tips!! My favorite weekend ritual is having lazy-coffee-reading morning 🙂

  • wow nice job on the treadmill! you are a machiiine. i love izze 🙂

  • 12 miles on the treadmill. You are a BEAST!

  • Katie

    Goji Gourmet sounds amazing!

    New music, fitness + giveaways –

    Drop on by!


  • Hey–I always switch treadmills and I feel like people think i’m a freak! I did four separate tmills for a 20 miler yesterday!!

    Question about yoga to the people: have you tried the hot one on 27th street?? It’s SOOO convenient to where I live but hot yoga freaks me out. A lot.

  • My favorite weekend rituals are long relaxing runs with friends and experimenting with new recipes!

  • My weekend ritual involves teaching a yoga class every Saturday morning. I love it- it’s such a great way to start the day. Also, thanks of the treadmill tips!

  • One more thing… for Megan- Dont be afraid to try the hot yoga class. Unless you really don’t deal well w/ heat I bet you’ll love it. When the muscles are warm it’s amazing how much deeper you can go in your asanas

  • Hungry for Balance and Megan –

    I have tried hot yoga and I really like it! I usually go to the YTTP hot vinyasa studio on W. 38th St because classes are only $5. I haven’t tried the 27th St studio though (traditional Bikram). I’m not sure I have the attention span for 90 mins of yoga 🙂

  • i think my favorite weekend ritual is brunch out with friends and/or boyfriend. and funny that you went to souen for dinner last night, as i was there too for the first time with a friend – loved the planet platter that i got for my meal.

  • AHH thanks for the advice both of you!! I’m def going to give 38th st. a whirl–it’s not that much further and I didn’t realize they were different length classes. I am fairly sure I would DIE in 90 minutes of yoga!!!

  • I hear you about treadmill running! I had a 13 mile run on the treadmill today (since it was POURING this morning) and I also break it up into mangeable chunks by playing games with the speed and the inclines!

    Don’t you just love those Izze drinks? My favorite is the black cherry! YUMMAY!!

    My most favorite weekend tradition is not going anything on Sunday but watching 9 hours of football! haha! My one vice is definitely Peyton Manning!! 🙂

  • i bow down to you…how you managed 12 miles on the treadmill is completely admirable. i would die.

    soooo awesome you got to meet up with chelsea – LOVE that girl! and yoga to the people!

  • Oh my goodness, I had forgotten all about macrobiotic food! My dad had a real macrobiotic food kick back in the 80’s–I got some odd looks from kids when my lunchboxes were full of seaweedy stuff. Must check Souen out when I next hit NYC….

  • Great treadmill tips, but I just couldn’t see myself ever surviving for 13 miles on one of those things. They make my legs feel all icky.

    My favorite weekend ritual is definitely retail therapy with my mom and sister. 🙂

  • Ada

    Yum, I love Souen, everything always tastes so fresh and delicious. Their carrot-ginger dressing is amazing:)

  • pen

    I had to do a treadmill long run this weekend too. And that’s actually my weekend ritual. Long ride on saturday mornings, long run on Sunday.

    I’ve learned to handle my long runs on the treadmill with NPR podcasts. I look like an idiot because I’m usually listening to Wait, Wait, Don’t tell me…and laughing at my Ipod! 🙂

  • Twas a lovely meet up indeed! I admire your patience so much for completing 12 miles on the treadmill. Thanks for posting the stats, I was curious as to how you worked your long runs around the treadmills limited time frames.

  • Ellen

    Wow, your weekend is making me feel very lazy at the moment! My Sundays USED to be filled with long runs and yoga classes, but as of late, it’s been more reality TV and pancake brunches. I don’t know why…I guess the cold weather does it to me…I need to just get over it already and accept that winter is here!

  • Ellen

    Oh and I forgot to mention that I’ve been to that restaurant, too. I was hesitant at first, but ended up really liking it! Everything tasted so fresh and healthy, it was a nice feeling. I ordered the salmon wrapped in rice paper, it was yummy.

  • I’d love not to get bored after 5 miles on the treadmill. I’ll have to check our your article for more tips.