Speeding through Wednesday

We’ve made it over the hump and the weekend is on its way!

Morning wake-up call was the usual coffee (not decaf!) and 1/2 clif bar. I’ve found that eating 1/2 clif bar before running is the perfect amount for me. It gives me energy without causing stomach distress.

clif bar

I was way le tired this morning, but managed to get myself to the gym anyway. I have to miss tomorrow’s CPTC workout, so I thought I’d do it today instead.

1 mile warm-up
5 x 1000m @ 5K (~6:50)pace
400m easy running between the 1000m intervals
1 mile cool-down

I was so sweaty after this workout – I cooled off with a lavender soaked towel from the mini fridge at my gym. This alone makes the membership worth it! Overall, I felt pretty good, but my right hamstring was a little weird on the last interval/cool-down. I rolled it out on a softball while sitting in my desk chair and that seemed to help.

I was HUNGRY for breakfast: sliced banana, chobani greek yogurt, dried cranberries, and 1/2 cup Kashi Go Lean cereal.

Kashi Go Lean

And a decaf cappuccino later –


Lunch was a beauteous salad creation – lots of veggies up in here!

  • arugula, shredded carrots, sliced red onion
  • roasted cauliflower, marinated mushrooms
  • chickpeas, blue cheese crumbles, balsamic vinaigrette
  • bit of potato-egg salad


I thought about grabbing a bag of chips, but decided that a whole grain roll with some butter would be a better choice. Man, I love real butter.

whole grain roll

My afternoon snack was one of my favorites – a peanut butter and jelly lara bar!

lara bar

After leaving the office, I headed home for….more work! Dinner was a quick repeat of yesterday – spaghetti squash, marinara sauce, sliced olives, and melted cheese.

Spaghetti Squash

Plus a multi-bran vita top with some homemade apple buttah.

vita top with apple butter

I’m about to take a break from my typing and writing and I think a couple of these sweet ‘n salty treats are in my future. Yum.

Salty Sweet Nantucket Cookies

Do you know the difference between a gun time and a chip time? Which race timing method is better? Check out my latest Running Shorts piece for more info!

Concerned about food waste? Check out this interesting video.

Find out why obesity might be the next big threat to national security.

Question: What do you think is the biggest cause of obesity? Inactivity? Fast food? Soda?

  • Am I weird? Because whenever I eat even a whole Clif bar before a workout, I have a hard time doing intervals. But you were able to go pretty fast there. Are you training for an event soon?

    With your obesity question, I think overeating is the biggest hurdle. It’s easy for inactive people (like many of my friends) to stay svelte when they reach for lower-calorie and nutrient-dense options. They naturally gravitate to salads, fruit, milk, peanut butter sandwiches. It’s easy for people who don’t eat a lot of vegetables to gain weight. I think vegetables add a lot of satistfying volume to a meal that these other people are filling with fatty beef. We “health foodies” tend to forget how few vegetables the rest of America eats in comparison.

    I totally notice this in my dining hall at boarding school. I will get in one line just for its vegetable and I will see kids around me taking three chicken breasts and ditching the broccoli and spinach. Oh well, more veggies for me!

  • nice workout this A.M. farkleks or yasso 800s are one of my favorite workouts, too. totally an interval girl.

    are you training for boston this year? i ran it in 07 and 08 but live in san francisco now. also, i’m in law school and finals fall during exactly that weekend. i’m counting the semesters until i’m done so that i can race it again!

  • Sara

    Hey Megan!

    I know what you mean about eating half a bar before running. I can’t seem to eat too much before a run, which is why when I found these 12-pack mini Larabars (no more than 100 cal each) I jumped for joy!:

    On a related note, WHERE are you finding these PB&J Larabars? I’ve never seen them before and I may have just drooled on my keyboard…

  • Caroline & Legalstyle – I’m not running Boston this year, but I am thinking about training for some winter/spring half marathons.

    Sara – I get my pb&j larabars from Whole Foods!

  • a lavender-scented towel? that sounds so spa like – definitely worth it. ummm this is such a lovely day of eats – from the cappuccino to the salad to the PB+J lara to the pizza, i want it all!

    glad i finally got to catch up on the blog – enjoy your evening 🙂

  • I still can’t get over how delicious those sweet and salty cookies look.

    I think the underlying reason for obesity has a lot today with our culture’s trend of excess. Everything from meal portions at a restaurant to the sugar and fat content of most highly processed snacks is just…TOO MUCH. Also, America is very much a car culture, which can lead to a very sedentary culture. It makes sense that big cities that are walkable (New York, San Francisco, Boston) are statistically slimmer than there sprawling suburban and rural counterparts.

  • Oh, brother. I need to wait until I’ve finished my coffee before I churn out blog comments, pardon the typos!

    “has a lot TO DO with our cultures…”
    “their sprawling suburban…”

  • Katie

    Good lookin eats!

    Check out my blog – new giveaway and workout songs!

  • I think the biggest thing cause of obesity is a lack of care or knowledge. Either people don’t know the dangers of too much fast food, soda, and junk, or don’t want to know the dangers of them. Sometimes I wish In Defence Of Food could be made required reading.

  • Hi
    You have a nice blog. I enjoy it. I am not exerciser and highly admire those who do and hope one day to be able to do things for fun. I like your eats. You showed a great bean-burger + hummus and veggies + cookie combo the other day which is a great dish to have.

  • Love the mini larabars! Thanks for the link, Ive been lookin for these=)

    Good question! I think there are alot of factors that are contributing to obesity. Empty calories and “diet” foods being one of them. Also restaurant food! I love a good meal out once in awhile but I know its going to pack a huge caloric punch no matter how healthy I think it is. So I just prep for that. But I know alot of people that eat out everyday and over time that builds up. Also inactivity due to work and stress. Having a 12 hour a day desk job really promotes sluggishness and inactivity. Its important to push your self to get up, move around and workout as much as possible. Also lack of sleep to contributes. There are ssoo many factors so its tough to try and combat them all. They key is just moving as much as you can, eating as fresh and natural and trying to work in as much sleep as possible. There no magic pill for obesity=) Great question!

  • i think that food is a huge part of obesity..people who are usually obese tend to not eat my during the day and binge at night..therefore they have no energy and are not active

    i havent tried the PB and J lara yet..im dying to!

  • I think the reason the obesity rate is climbing in America is due to lack of physical activity. Everything is easy today and too many people live stagnent lives without any exercise. It is sad and something that I think is going to get worse before it gets better.

  • I love those PB&J lara bars…but the peanut butter cookie ones are my favorite!

    I would actually guess that soda plays a HUGE (no pun intended) part in the obesity epidemic. People guzzle down THOUSANDS of extra calories a day through soda, without even realizing it. Pretty crazy.