Groggy Holiday Miles

Maybe someday I will wake up in a cheerful mood and ready to run lots of miles sans coffee. Wednesday was not one of those days. When my alarm went off, I couldn’t help pondering – “Megan, why did you ever think it was a good idea to plan an interval workout for 7am??” But alas, early morning was the only time I had to get my run in. I poured a cup of coffee to go and fueled up with 1/2 clif bar.

pre-run fuel

Work/holiday parties precluded me from attending any CPTC practices this week, so I did a modified version of the Tuesday night workout.

1 mile warm-up
4 x 800m @ 10K pace (3:29, 3:29, 3:26, 3:24)
800m easy running between each faster interval
1 mile cool-down

Felt kind of groggy at the outset and wasn’t exactly excited about running fast at 7am, but as always I’m glad I did it. Hamstring and IT band felt GOOD! A few episodes of Saved by the Bell entertained me during this run. Love those shoulder pads and tube socks, Kelly Kapowski.

I haven’t been as good about packing my breakfast and lunches, so I hit up the cafeteria on my way into work.

Scrambled egg whites with sriracha sauce, mixed berries, and whole grain bread with pb & raspberry jam. Yum.

egg whites, fruit, and toast

Plus a cappuccino! Not decaf today. I was le tired.


Lunch was delayed (I thought Christmas week was supposed to be quiet? I am so busy, gah!), so I snacked on some prunes around 1pm.


And then finally, some vegetables. I forgot my camera and didn’t snap a photo of my actual salad, but this photo is a good stand in 🙂


  • romaine lettuce, sliced onions, shredded carrots, mushrooms, olives
  • beans, blue cheese, whole grain croutons, balsamic vinaigrette


And BBQ pop chips! Love, love, love.

I had long meeting that didn’t end until 4:30pm and by this point I was in need of a snack. Thankfully, I had a vitabrownie in my desk drawer. I also sipped on some un-pictured hot cocoa.


Later on in the evening, I met a friend for dinner at Djerdan, a restaurant that specializes in Balkan cuisine. It’s cozy inside and never super crowded – a nice respite from the crowds of Penn Station.


The vegetarian options were not abundant, but I managed to find something. I ordered the vegetarian Sarma – cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and vegetables with a side of steamed vegetables. This dish certainly was packed with fiber and antioxidants, but it was a little lacking on the protein front. I was hungry again a few hours later!

Vegetarian Sarma

I was kind of jealous of my dining companion’s cevapi sandwich – mini sausages tucked inside pita bread and topped with onions and red pepper sauce.


Once I got home I attempted to make chocolate dipped pretzels using candy cane hershey’s kisses. Hmm. This did not work so well. I think that the peppermint oil in the kisses made for a weird texture (sort of lumpy?) when I tried to melt the chocolate. The pretzel creations were not exactly blog-worthy, so I just snacked on some (un-melted) candy cane kisses and pretzels separately. Eh, you win some, you lose some. Anyone have tips on melting hershey’s kisses in the microwave? Does it ever work?

Hershey's Kisses


I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve morning already! I just ran a lovely (but chilly) 7+ miles in Central Park with Alma and am finishing up some work before I head to Pennsylvania. Safe travels and Happy Holidays!

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Question: What do you typically eat on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day?

  • I like your interval workout…I am definitely going to do that one! Oh and I LOVE Saved By The Bell reruns…classic! Merry Christmas!

  • Balkan food sounds so interesting; we definitely could of used your NYC knowledge wandering aimlessly for a restaurant yesterday in the city lol

  • Yeah, I definitely cannot manage running in the morning without coffee.

    On Christmas, we usually eat Turkey, paella, and various Greek foods. It’s a delicious time all around

  • I admire your motivation sister….I couldn’t do that!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!! have an amazing holiday!

  • Ada

    I just got back from running 7 miles in Central Park as well haha. It was perfect running weather today!

    Have a great Christmas:)

  • That’s what I love about New York–never before have I seen or heard of a Balkan restaurant. But in New York you can find everything!

    Merry Christmas Eve!

  • Saved By the Bell would definitely keep me on the treadmill. I also love Kelly Kapowski’s bangs. Feathered like whoa.

    That Balkan food sound interesting and delicious.

    Usually on Christmas, my mom makes a strata for our breakfast. Although, this year, since I’m doing the first Christmas away from the family, I’ll be making orange-ginger glazed Cornish hens, rice pilaf with toasted walnuts, and oven roasted green beans for dinner.

    Merry Christmas Megan! Have a great time in PA!

  • Hey I just stumbled across your blog- we seem to both like caffeine and running 😉 My family typically has a Thanksgiving-like dinner with sweet potatoes, bread, etc.
    Merry Christmas!

  • props to you for getting up at 7 to run 😀
    happy holidays!!

  • Jen

    When melting chocolate, you need to add some butter to help smooth it out. For a bag of Tollhouse chocolate chips, you should use 6tbs. of butter or margarine and microwave <1 min. or until smooth. Do not use a wooden spoon to stir it (it makes the chocolate rancid). Hope that helps! This was in consultation with my mom by the way.

  • I love to taste some greek foods because they are very spicy.:,~

  • Greek foods are like asian foods, they are both tangy and very spicy.-;~

  • Greek Foods are tasty and delicious maybe because of the spices they put in it`:’

  • some greek foods are not spicy but very sweet*-~

  • my father is greek that is why i also love greek foods. Greek food in my opinion is one of the world’s best tasting food`.`

  • Italian and Greek Foods are indeed very spicy. sometimes they are so spicy hot ‘*~