Fueled by cookies

I’ve been so busy making latkes and baking cookies that I haven’t mentioned running much this week. Never fear, I’ve been soldiering on in the cold! I had grand plans to do a tempo run on Thursday morning, but after I hit the snooze button a few times, it just didn’t happen. Instead I spent a few extra minutes in bed (with coffee!) while catching up on emails. The new plan: attend the Central Park Track Club’s weekly Thursday night workout. Around 4pm, my office had a small holiday get-together that featured lots of COOKIES! Does a white chocolate macademia nut cookie + 7-layer magic bar + bite size cupcake = good running fuel? Well, it did last night! Stu Mittleman probably wouldn’t approve, but the sweet stuff seemed to work out pretty well. After about 2 hours of digestion and a few glasses of water, I felt ready to run.

I met my friend Ani for about 2 miles warm-up and immediately my face, lips, and hands were frozen. The temperature was about 25 last night and windy. Brrrr….My numb facial muscles made conversation a tad difficult. Luckily, once we began the actual workout I started to generate some body heat. We did a basic 4-mile tempo run in Central Park last night with the goal being half-marathon pace. I ended up finishing the 4.05 (Garmin measured!) loop in 28:58 or about ~7:09 per mile pace. Maybe my legs were just frozen, but this felt surprisingly good. I picked up the pace for the last 1/2 mile or so, but other than that I felt very comfortable throughout the entire run. I did this same workout about a month ago and ran ~7:53 per mile pace. Today’s pace was over 40 seconds faster. Hooray! The best part of recovering from injury is regaining fitness levels 🙂

I wore the Nike lunaracers for the workout and have mixed feelings about them. They were super light, so I felt fast, but my toes were cold and I got a small blister on my right heel.


I cooled down for about 2.5 miles and then headed back to my gym. After some stretching, foam rolling, core work, and push-ups, it was time to call it a day.

My cookies ended up working out fine (no tummy troubles at all), but I was pretty hungry by I got back to my place a little after 9pm.

I made a comforting bowl of oatmeal to re-fuel:

  • 1/2 cup oats, milk, water
  • chopped pear
  • spoonful of Nutzo
  • a few white chocolate chips


Anddddd I was still hungry so I had some more nutzo with a banana. And hot tea to warm up!


I felt surprisingly good when I woke up on Friday (7 hours of sleep, success!), so I headed out into the 16 degree morning for an easy 3.5 miler.

I wanted something hot for breakfast, so I hit up the cafeteria for a little variety: banana, scrambled egg whites with sriracha hot sauce, and a slice of  7-grain toast with peanut butter and raspberry jam.


Lunch was one of my usual salads:

  • romaine lettuce, mushrooms, onions, shredded carrots
  • beans, feta cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, whole grain croutons
  • spoonful of wheatberry salad, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds


And two single-serving bags of salt & pepper popchips. Love these!!! But one little bag is never enough 🙂

pop chips

I have fun plans this evening (WELCOME HOME JESS!!), so it’s work, work, work for the rest of the day. TGIF!

Question for runners: Do you ever do tempo runs or interval workouts? Have you read about the athlete who ran 60 (!!) 400 meter repeats? That’s 15 miles of sprints. I think I would die…

Question for eaters (that’s everyone!): What’s your favorite “healthy-ish” holiday treat? I’m loving herbal gingerbread tea at the moment! For more ideas, check out this list of holiday favorites that won’t weigh you down.

  • Honestly, I am bad about doing scheduled tempo runs. I force myself everytime I run to do negative splits…every single time. That way in the race I always have something left!

  • I detest interval running. Lately, I’ve been trying it bring it back into my running life though.

    Way to go on 40 second pace difference! That is awesome!

  • You’re such a freaking trooper!

    I am a wuss and run on a treadmill with temps like that.

  • I second Diana’s comment… In fact, I just arrived home to freezing Buffalo, NY from Trinidad (where I live and run) and had my first COOOLD weather run (19 F). I made it out the door thinking of your cold CPark runs and how you haven’t let the weather stop you!

  • Well done my girl! Way to get out there and suck it up! It was 20 degrees on my lunchtime run and it felt so balmy compared to last week’s below zero temps that I was stripping off gloves and headband like crazy!
    Yay for your increasingly awesome pace!!

  • Yum! That looks like a good salad. And I LOVE me some pop chips 😉

  • Nice work on the tempo! I LOVE doing interval and tempo runs…I’ve been doing a lot more for the marathon I’m running in less than a month (ahh!!) and hopefully it will pay off with a big PR. The most 400 repeats I have ever done though is 15 and I seriously thought I might die, so I remember readnig that and being like wtf dude!? Have a good weekend! 😀

  • I don’t know how you run in the cold. I can’t even walk in the cold.

  • I’ve been cooking with almond flour a LOT lately and every “dessert” I make becomes a great pre-run snack. The almond flour is total protein, the sweetner is agave, and there’s no sugar rush with it. Recently I made a carrot cake with almond flour, and didn’t feel at all guilty about eating a piece several times a day, for fuel, you know.

  • pen

    60 400s?!?!? I can’t imagine that! Heck, I hated our 8X400 workouts in high school.

    I usually alternate my speedwork between tempo runs, fartleks, and mile repeats. But, I prefer interval workouts (both fartleks and mile repeats) to tempo runs, but I think it’s the mental thing about having the pain broken up into manageable chunks.

  • The fact that you even went outside to run blows my mind, but your tempo run stats are even more impressive!

    As for running, I like to throw in aerobic intervals when on the treadmill (makes it seem less monotonous). When running outdoors, I prefer to do tempo runs.

    My favorite healthy holiday treat is a cross between that gingerbread herbal tea or peppermint tea. Hooray for Celestial Seasonings!

  • I’m good with tempo runs at slightly slower than 10K pace. But I don’t do so well at working in the faster, shorter ones, not to mention intervals. But I try …

    I have to agree with Chelsea on the Celestial Seasonings holiday tea — I’m sipping a cup of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea as I type this!

  • Healthy-ish holiday treat? Ricenog!!!! This stuff is super delish, feels very holiday without any guilt. Rice milk eggnog makes for the perfect nightcap. Check it!

  • I havent done any tempo running
    And my favorite healthy snack atm… peppermint luna bars? Those are healthyish I guess

  • oh Megan, can you post this one instead and delete the comment that I used my email for contact – oops :(…

    Ahhhh – I love your blog – I have to come back here more often. Will add you to my Roll. Love that you eat, well, a good balance and aren’t one extreme or the other, I just blogged a bit about that…as for running – well, I’m lucky to bust out a short jog lately…not so good on that front. But your paces are stellar!
    “Health-iest” holiday treat? Isn’t it all good ? haha – no I love the Celestial Seasonings tea! Gingerbread for the win! And molassess cookies…molasses has iron right ?

  • I haven’t been doing any interval training lately. I’ve been more focused on gaining mileage for my first 1/2 marathon, but I think once that’s done I’ll throw in some more tempo/interval runs.

  • I have been waiting so long to comment on your blog, since i didn’t want to spoil being your secret santa!!

    I’ve loved reading all about your running and am definitely taking lots of advice from what you’ve been posting!

    But I’m glad you got my package finally! I’ve been worried that it didn’t make it!

    looking forward to reading more of your blog!