Steps to a Great Friday

TGIF – Matt and I have a new article posted to True/Slant today. Check out our thoughts on cross-training!

Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday, shall we? After my veggie packed lunch, I was craving some carbs. Good thing I had one more Honest Foods baked granola bar to save the day. I love that the first two ingredients in this are: whole grain oats and almond butter. The apple ginger variety was pretty good, but my favorite flavor is still the cranberry lemon zest.  

Honest Foods

My brain was feeling fuzzy after 9 hours of excel sheets, so I headed to the gym for 3 miles of sweaty stress relief (i.e. running) followed 3 x 10 lunges and calf raises (ooh, my muscles are paying for this today).

I also foam-rolled the ol’ IT band because it was cranky from sitting in an office chair all day.

I was greeted by the noxious smell of paint when I returned to my apartment. Pros – the shower is now fixed and I can probably get clean without burning myself. Cons – building code requires that our heating pipes be painted silver and the paint the contractor used is overwhelming, to say the least. Hopefully some open windows will remedy this…

I’ve been a lazy girl this week and haven’t cooked much since Sunday’s pumpkin risotto, but sometimes a girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do and this week work took precidence. Anyway, I made a simple supper last night of ak-mak crackers topped with avocado slices and hummus.

Avocado crackers

And then an Amy’s cheese enchilada meal. I love Amy’s Kitchen! Her all-natural, organic soups and frozen foods are some of the best on the market (and no…they don’t pay me to say that!). After microwaving, I plate the food and add something to bulk it up (crackers and avocado!). This makes it seem more like a real dinner.

Cheese enchilada, black beans, and corn:

Amy's Enchilada

And then I snuggled into bed and watched the final episode of Mad Men Season 1 (omg, does anyone watch this?? Can’t believe the situation with Peggy….). I enjoyed a small slice of amaretto cheesecake while get my 1960’s fix. Instead of having a crust, the cheesecake was covered with a thin layer of slivered almonds – loved it!

Amaretto cheesecake

 And now…TGIF!! Steps to a Great Friday:

1) Sleep until 8am and worry about going to the gym later…

2) Wear your favorite yellow suit to work.

Yellow wool suit

3) Add cowboy boots

Cowgirl boots

4) Consume your favorite addiction breakfast of greek yogurt, PB2, and dried cranberries. Plus some water and a decaf cappuccino!

Fage 2%

5) Snack on a vitamuffin + peppermint tea to!

Tea and vita top

6) Take an early lunch break and spend 45 minutes at your favorite spin class (today’s music theme: disco!).

 Cycle Class at a Gym Category:Gyms_and_Health_...

7) Make a stop in the cafeteria and load up on all the veggies you can get your hands on:

  • romaine lettuce, sliced red onion, shredded carrots, mushrooms
  • roasted Keri squash, roasted parsnips, roasted pear
  • black bean salad
  • feta cheese and sunflower seeds
  • balsamic vinaigrette


8 ) For 4pm snack, mix the BEST pita chips ever (stacy’s brand) with 1/4 of slightly-mashed avocado.

pita chips and avocado

9) Buckle down for the rest of the afternoon in the hopes that you can meet your yoga buddy for a 7:30pm class.

And that, my friends, is how great Fridays are made! What’s your tip for making it a good day?

Make your Thanksgiving feast lighter, healthier, but still delicious!

Chocolate milk = reduces inflammation?  Sign me up!

  • That cheesecake sounds kick butt!
    A good day starts with a good workout, then a peanut buttery breakfast, classes getting cancelled, spending too much at whole foods, and finishing with a home cooked meal. Days like that do not happen often enough

  • While NYC beats Boston in most food-related competitions, I will lay claim to Stacy’s pita chips, which started as day-old bread sold from a food cart in Boston’s very own Downtown Crossing. So, enjoy your pita chips, NYC! Happy weekend. While you’re enjoying the work of Wesleyan graduates in the form of Mad Men, I’ll also suggest you check out Lin-Manuel Miranda, star of In The Heights, performing at the White House:

  • Joe

    OMG, Megs. I’m so in love with Mad Men. Don doing the Kodak Carousel pitch gets me every time. And wait till you get to the Season 2 finale. And then Season 3, which just ended! Ah, I cannot wait to discuss.
    BTW, you would totally fit in at Sterling Cooper in that yellow suit.

  • A. You look so adorable in your suit!

    B. I second the ringing endorsement of Amy’s frozen meals. I love an ingredient list full of things I can pronounce and easily find in the supermarket!

    C. I don’t think people outside NYC understand how frustrating winters are here with the clanging pipes/lack of heat/too much heat you can’t control 🙁 Drives me crazy…

  • Julie

    Love, love, love that suit!

  • i agree with everything on your list 🙂

    and LOVE the cowboy boots!!!!!

  • Okay you are one sassy lady in that suit! I heart it. More than that, I heart your cowboy boots. I have black suede ones that are the love of my life but I’ve been looking for good brown ones forever. If you’d like to share where you got those from, then I might like to go and buy them!

    Yay for lunchtime work outs – I made it out on my run: huzzah! Jealous as ever that you had a cafeteria salad…mine was home packed. Have a great weekend!

  • I am OBSESSED with Madmen. I just finished watching the 3rd season and I want more!!! The second season is pretty awesome too…I just love Joany:)

  • Did you make the cheesecake and come up with the rolled almond crust idea… genius idea whoever did!

  • I love your suit, it actually looks like something a chic secretary from “Mad Men” would fashion! This show has apparently gotten to you. 🙂

    Also, I love your innovation with the ak-bak crackers. I have trouble figuring out what to do with those things. Now, thanks to your awesome avocado/hummus blend, I do.

  • Christine

    Though I’ve never commented before, i love your blog and read it daily 🙂 Your steps to a great friday were so fun to read and i love your cheerful yellow suit! I want to get one like it.

  • Kerry

    Megan, you have inspired me to dig out the grey suede cowgirl boots buried deep in my closet …which is only 12 inches deep, but still. Will think of you when I wear them!