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Wednesday morning I woke up a little confused. Why was I still in my work clothes? Why were the lights still on? Why wasn’t my latest post for True/Slant written? Oh. That’s right – it’s because I fell asleep watching Mad Men and didn’t wake up until a solid 7 hours later. I guess I must have needed the rest!

I made the usual half decaf coffee and snacked on 1/2 Pro Bar (these babies are dense!) in preparation for a run.

Pro bar

And then I realized there was no way I would have time to run, shower, get ready for work, and wrap up writing/blog odds and ends. What to do instead?

Mad Men

 That’s right, Joan. I finished up a Mad Men episode (the one I fell asleep during…) and spent the early morning hours getting myself organized.

On the way to work, I felt the need to stand in line for 10 minutes and pay $2.50 for a decaf eggnog misto . Damn you, Starbucks. Also, I felt like the energizer bunny for the rest of the morning, so I’m pretty sure this was not decaf.

Eggnog misto

Breakfast part #2 (or is it #3? I’m losing track…) was a sliced banana and a chobani greek yogurt.


Lunch was a veggie-packed salad. I love vegetables so much. Lame? Yes. Delicious? Also, yes.


  • romaine, shredded carrots, sliced red onions, mushrooms
  • roasted  asparagus, black beans, dollop of cranberry sauce
  • bulgar wheat salad, feta cheese, sunflower seeds

Afternoon snack was a cuppa tea and the remainder of my Cadbury fruit & nut chocolate bar.

tea and chocolate

And then around 5:30pm – I had a pre-run snack of a banana walnut vita top. Warmed up, this tasted very close to banana bread. Yum.


Since I didn’t have time to run in the morning, I skidaddled home and tried to get pumped about a night run.  On days when I’m lacking motivation, I think it’s better to just get out the door. I always feel better once I get moving! The run ended up being fabulous – yay! I ran mostly on the soft dirt path of the reservoir and finished about 8.5 miles in 1 hour and 11 minutes. My hamstring felt great and I only had a slight IT band twinge after about 45 minutes of running. No real discomfort though! I’m glad that my leg feels good, I just wish my IT band could tell me what I’m doing right!

What’s better than a pain-free 8.5 mile run? Having someone else make dinner for you! Alma whipped up another cauliflower-spicy vegan sausage-green chili-chickpea creation and I happily chowed down.

Cauliflower, vegan sausage, green chilis, and chickpeas

And then….I spent the rest of the night baking! Stay tuned to see what I made and the chance to win some free stuff.

Make your Thanksgiving more wholesome – a former Top Chef contestant spills the deets.

Yoga, a competitive sport? Check out this NY Times article on some folks who want to make warrior poses and downward dogs an olympic sport.

Question: What’s your favorite vegetable? And how do you like to prepare it?

  • After my successful dinner last night, I’d have to say my favorite veggie is butternut squash! But sweet potato, zucchini and broccoli are definitely high on the list too!

  • Grace

    This is a tough question. It’s a three way tie between broccoli, cucumber and sweet potatoes.

  • That’s very funny about falling asleep with clothes and lights on– it happened to me on Tuesday night. The only thing that was arguably worse for me: I was also on the phone. So, I woke up yesterday morning with my phone next to my head, my clothes on, my lights on, and it was time for work.

    I stand by cauliflower as my favorite vegetable. Followed by kale and chard.

  • Falling asleep fully clothed really throws you doesn’t it?! I always feel weird the rest of the day – like I missed out on something…maybe my jammies?

    Do you think if your IT band tells you secrets, you’d could get it to tell my right knee why it decided to hurt like hell last night and today after a short run yesterday? Thanks.

    I’ve always said broccoli and I love to just steam it and have it with a drizzle of Tamari or some grated cheese. I’m also a big sweet po-tat kinda gal. Happy almost-the-weekend!

  • There are so many good vegetables out their. Steamed broccoli and microwaved potatoes are what I can make in my dorm. Otherwise roasted brussel sprouts or grilled asparagus are amazing

  • yoga an olympic sport? i hope they realize that defeats its purpose 🙂

    that dinner looks fantastic, and i have fallen asleep at night MANY a nights. no worries. can’t wait to see the baking – have a good day girl!

  • Tay

    I think that’s my favorite vitatop flavor!!
    Good job on your run 🙂

    Fave veggie? Pumpkin!! Or cauliflower roasted. Or….oh goodness I love so many!

  • Ada

    Yum, those banana nut vitamuffins look really good. I recently noticed that Fairway began stocking that flavor so I must try it soon. I’m glad you were able to have a relaxing evening and catch up on rest:)

  • Joe

    I am so proud you blew off your morning chores/responsibilites to watch Mad Men. I feel like that’s my influence. Congrats. Although Peggy would totally disapprove.