Getting there is half the battle

And the winners are…….

Comment #10 K: That pie looks incredible!! Nice job baking that! My favorite pie is pumpkin. We make it a bit healthier by skipping the crust completely. We just bake it in a huge bowl – just as delicious

Comment #13 Anth: I’ve read that recipe before but never tried it, hope it was good. My favorite pie is cherry, but my favorite to bake is rhubarb – and since rhubarb is technically a vegetable, I consider it pretty healthy. (But if you add strawberries you get a lot of vitamin C!)

Comment #30 Angharad: I love a fruit pie over a creamier one to cut back on fat and calories. Also since pie crust is the biggest culprit in the unhealthy factor, I like making crumbles or bottom-only crusts rather than pies with full crusts. My fave is a blueberry or blackberry low-fat oat crumble made with whole-wheat flour, rather than an upper crust of traditional pastry. Instead of ice cream or double cream on top, I’ll have a dollop of Greek yogurt! So yummy!

Comment #40 Anna: My favorite pie is, by far, pumpkin! To make the pie a little healthier (and vegan-friendly), I use tofu in place of butter and eggs and whole wheat flour in the crust! Super creamy, delicious, and healthy! To make fruit pies healthier, I like to include as much real fruit as possible and skip the sugary “fruit pie fillings!”

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And now, a recap of Thursday (I’m a wee bit behind, life’s been hectic). I started the morning with Frida –

Frida coffee mug

And then I dined on oatmeal + skim milk + raisins for breakfast. Made in the office microwave, how fancy!

raisin oatmeal

Mid-morning snack was a banana walnut vita muffin (with a smidge of buttah!).


Lunch was a random mish-mosh of leftovers, but at least I got my veggies in! First course: roasted cauliflower, black beans, and hot sauce

cauliflower and beans

And then a little later, I had some cheetahs (aka baked sweet potato wedges) with ketchup. I prepped these the night before and it was totally worth the effort.


Afternoon snackeroos: decaf cappuccino and a halloween kit-kat. There was definitely another mini kit-kat consumed later in the afternoon….


I had plans to go running after work, so around 5pm I snacked on some plain Oikos greek yogurt with a spoonful of PB2 (powdered peanut butter!).


And then the most exciting part of my day – a workout with the Central Park Track Team! This was my first workout back with them since I got injured in January, so I was excited and nervous at the same time. Would I be able to do the workout? Would my hamstring hurt? Well, I’m happy to report that the workout went well! I warmed up for about a mile and then did a 4 mile tempo run. I ran with some teammates who are still recovering from the NYC marathon, so the pace wasn’t too strenuous. We ran about 7:53/mile pace and chatted the whole time. The pace was probably a little too easy, but I think it was smart for me to stay relaxed. I certainly don’t want to re-injure myself! I finished up the night with a 2.5 mile cool down and some stretching. Hooray!! I finally feel like this injury is fading into the background. Thank goodness.

To avoid a drop in blood sugar, I stashed a couple of dried prunes in my jacket pocket and popped them in my mouth on the subway ride home.


Dinner was quick because I needed to do a lot of writing and emailing in the hours before bed:

  • 1/3 cup oats, milk, water
  • chopped apple
  • 2 Tbs peanut butter
  • a few chocolate chips and a sprinkle cinnamon


And then….a big slice of caramel apple steusel pie. With a glass of milk 🙂


And some herbal tea before bed – gotta stay hydrated!


Want to win a cookbook all about PIE? Check out my friend Matt’s blog – Eat With Me for a fun give-a-way. The recent photos of cupcakes made me way jealous 🙂

Are you feeling a little sniffle-y? Check out these 4 strategies to cure that cold.

A new study suggests that exercising in the heat reduces appetite. Interesting news if you love hot yoga (or live in Florida!).

That’s all I’ve got. Happy Friday!!

  • Congrats on the successful and fun initial run with the track team. I’ve seen packs of those folks fleeting past me occasionally on the Reservoir. It’s so motivating and fun to have a group of supportive people to run with.

    I can’t get over how delicious that pie looks.

  • I thought both those black beans AND raisins were chocolate chips. Lol. I think I just have them on the brain

  • yay for frida and track workouts! all the patience and TLC you are giving the ol’ injury is paying off, and i am sooo excited for you!

    is there any pie left, for me perhaps? 😉

  • That pie looks delicious!! I’ve never had just oats for dinner – I always feel like I need to make a ‘proper’ meal and get my protein/veggies in..haha – I know it’s a bad habit to get stuck in routine – especially when I have a million things to do at night and end up staying up wayyyy too late. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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