Back to the Grind

Check out slide #11 of this Glamour article on workout motivation. Hey, that’s my quote! 🙂

Anyway, welcome back to the grind Monday! One of the main reasons I go to yoga is because it forces me to do a bit of core work and strength training. However, I haven’t been to yoga in over a week. Solution? I grabbed my latest issue of Women’s Health and knocked out a 15-minute ab workout this morning. I was pretty proud of myself for finishing the routine, but I have to admit it was kind of boring. I just don’t like strength training! The workout consisted of planks, v-twists for the obliques, supermans, and a variation on the basic crunch. The exercises are featured on page 57 of the latest issue of WH, so pick up a copy if you’re feelin’ motivated!

Ab Workout

strong core =  strong runner!

Today was crazy busy and my snacks were not that interesting (example: dried cranberries eaten straight outta the bag), so I’ll just feature the day’s best highlights.

The best of breakfast: 2% plain Chobani mixed with PB2, dried cranberries, and Kashi Go Lean.


Best of lunch: leftover maple-roasted root vegetables on top of mixed greens, chickpeas, feta, and whole grain croutons.

Roasted Veggies Salad

The best of the afternoon: Bustin’ loose from the office and running 4 easy miles. I run to stress less.

Best of dinner: More (!) maple-roasted root vegetables with ketchup, black bean veggie burger, whole wheat sandwich thin, and lots of spicy hummus.

Black Bean Burger and Roasted Vegetables

Best in Show: a cinnamon chip oatmeal cookie. PERFECT. Good night.

Cinnamon Chip Cookie

Question: What’s your favorite holiday cookie? I think I need to bake something soon!

Check out these 8 cookies that won’t wreck your healthy diet. Yay, cookies!

  • For me, nothing beats a simple sugar cookie! Gingerbread is pretty amazing too…

    Your lunch looks SO delicious! Puts my sandwich to shame 🙂

  • I’m soooo bad about strength training. I’ll give that ab workout a go!

    Do you have a recipe for that cookie? It looks amazing!

  • I’m a fan of just about any cookie, but I agree with Kara…nothing beats a well-decorated sugar cookie. I love everything about them. Baking them, decorating them, and eating too many of them.

  • I don’t think it really qualifies as a holiday recipe, but I LOVE snickerdoodles and only seem to make them around this time of year. I practically gobbled up the entire batch I made this weekend!

  • Congrats on the Glamour quote! I like sugar cookies in holiday shapes like trees and bells.

  • Gingersnaps win, hands down! Dunked in a glass of milk…mmmm…and I also happen to know that they’re Santa’s favorite, too!

    H =)

  • That cookies looks like a glob of goodness! My favorite would have to be chocolate peanut butter no bake cookies. They are melty and delicous. I try to not make em too often cause I can’t just have one.

  • Kate

    So I keep oogling your Peanut Butter Cup Oatmeal and finally decided to give it a try after a tough spinning class this morning. I actually subsitutated oat bran (have you ever tried it – its like oatmeal, but more protein, or so I’ve heard):

    1/3 c. oat bran, 2/3 c. water, large dollop of PB, a chopped up banana, chocolate chips and a splash of milk

    OH MAN. It is absolutely my new favorite breakfast – thanks for inspiring me!

  • Oh I need to bake soon too! I don’t really know what “holiday cookies” incorporate (such a foreigner…) but I will investigate!
    I ran 4 miles at lunch today as well – such an amazing stress buster!

  • Ellen

    My aunt makes the BEST snickerdoodles! Sadly, I don’t have the recipe to share 🙁 I’m not sure what the calorie count is, but they never make me feel heavy or icky. How bad could one…or four be? 😉

  • I love the Italian Anise Christmas Cookie–classic

  • the ab workout sounds good! cinnamon chip oatmeal cookie? yes please! i love cookies~snickerdoodles or good old chocolate chip (with semisweet chips) are probably the best!

  • Emily

    Hey! Would you mind posting (or emailing) the path you ran on your 16 miler? Since moving to NYC, I have had a difficult time running in circles around Central Park and give up somewhere around the first big loop. Where did you run when you did the 16?

    Thanks and happy cooking 🙂 Those veggies looked amazing!!

  • Hey Emily –
    Unfortunately my 16-miler was a little boring. I did 2 loops (12 miles) of Central Park and then I ran over to Morningside Park/my neighborhood for another 4 miles. However, if you’re looking to mix things up there are plenty of fun places to run in the city! Check out my blog post on the Best Places to Run in NYC:

  • Corinne

    my new FAVORITE cookie is pumpkin chocolate chip (with or w/o walnuts)…I have made 4 batches since the beginning of fall. soooo yummy! OR the all time favorite peanut butter kiss cookies 🙂

  • I discovered a recipe for these AMAZING mocha dark chocolate chunk pecan cookies a few years ago and they’ve been a big hit every time I make them. They’re one of those rich cookies- it only takes one to satisfy but there soooo good- who am I kidding- I can’t stop at one!

  • Anna S

    Hey Megan 🙂 I’ve been doing yoga at Yoga to the People here in CA, and I just discovered that they have a bunch of free podcasts on iTunes. I still prefer going to class, but they’re great for getting in some yoga at home. And you can fast forward through the boring parts. Or rewind and do the core work twice 🙂 You should check them out if you haven’t yet.