Let them eat cake!

Happy Tuesday! It’s difficult heading back to work, but I’m trying to make the best of it    🙂

The remainder of my weekend in Wilkes-Barre was lovely. I started off Sunday morning with a sunny breakfast on the back porch: coffee, OJ, and a whole grain bagel with peanut butter & honey.

Sunny breakfast

pb honey bagel

After breakfast, mom and I ventured out on a day full of errands. Our first stop – Sanitary Bakery! If you read my blog often, you may remember my previous visits to this local gem:

Apple caramel walnut pie

St. Patrick’s Day Donuts

4th of July cupcakes and cookies

Mom and I arrived to see that the case was PACKED full of delicious homemade goodies:

Sanitary Bakery

Sanitary Bakery

peanut butter brownies

One of the best things about this bakery is the super-affordable prices. Check out this beautiful red velvet layer cake for $7.99

Sanitary Bakery

And homemade pumpkin and apple cider donuts for 45 cents! Mom and I split one in the  car. Good news: If these baked goods are making your mouth water, Sanitary Bakery apparently delivers nationwide. And no, I am not their official PR person 🙂

Apple cider donut

After the bakery, it was time for new running shoes (Asics Gel-Nimbus), Target, and the grocery store. After a few hours of shopping I started to get that annoying shaky, lightheaded feeling. I ate a 1.5 oz pack of mixed nuts and that helped a little, but I didn’t start feeling better until after I had a big bowl of spicy red lentil soup from Wegman’s. I don’t know what’s going on with my blood sugar level lately – it has been dropping very suddenly and making me feel yucky.

emergency snack

red lentil

Once the errands were finished, I camped out on the porch with my laptop. Since I wasn’t feeling well, my mom brought me out a pillow and blanket. I was able to get a wireless signal outside and it was the perfect set-up. Visiting home is a lovely break from grown-up life 🙂

thanks, mom!

Dinner was made on the grill and the meal contained 5 different types of vegetables!! I think I was more excited about this than anyone else in my family…I made myself some veggie kabobs (everyone else had chicken + veggies) : grilled green pepper, sweet onion, cherry tomato, and squash with some BBQ sauce on the side. A little low in protein, but I think that’s alright since my lunch (mixed nuts + lentil soup) was full of that good stuff.

For a side dish, Holly the Healthy Everythingtarian was my inspiration!

I washed and quartered 2.5 lbs of baby red potatoes. Then I mixed the potatoes with 1 Tbs canola oil and 1 packet of Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning. I covered a baking sheet with foil and lightly oiled it and then spread the potato chunks on the pan. I roasted the potatoes for 45 minutes at 400 degrees. I stirred everything after about 20 minutes. Makes about 4-5 servings. Yum!

My plate (plus seconds of grilled veggies and potatoes!):


Finally, the best part of the weekend – marble cake with vanilla butter cream icing! Hooray for birthday celebrations that last all week long 🙂

Birthday cake

A 5-year old would love this cake.


With a scoop of neopolitan ice cream:

Cake and ice cream

This cake is delish, but veryyy sweet. After licking the icing from the cake knife and serving platter, I was approaching a sugar coma!

FYI: A study in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that beet juice help us exercise up to 16% longer! The researchers found that the beet’s nitrate content reduced oxygen uptake, which made working out less tiring. Read more about yummy ways to eat your beets!

Cobblers and crisps are a year-round treat, use berries in the summer and apples or pears in the fall. Check out this yummy recipe from Skinny and the City!

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  • I hate to raise the alarms, but have you had a fasting blood glucose test? Does diabetes or hyperglycemia run in the family at all? My only other idea is maybe you’ve been under-fueling (unintentionally) now that you’re running again…hmm…but I hate that shaky icky feeling, it’s scary and bad and evil. I hope you figure it out soon.

  • Rachel

    mmm the bagel with peanut butter looks delish! I really wish I had one of those pumpkin donuts for lunch…cafeteria food sucks today. I cant wait for Sanitary to sell their AMAZING pumpkin pies this fall <333

  • happy happy happy birthday at home! yay – i was home too, and it felt SO GOOD.

    thanks for the shoutout mama – hope you enjoyed the taters. that bakery looks ridiculous. i need to go there – pastries are my kryptonite. soooo good!

    happy tuesday dear!

  • Hey cute lady. Glad you had a stellar birthday celebration continued! That cake looks out of control. Yum. I love the sound of that bakery too! Where can you ever find a whole cake for that cheap these days?!

    Ohhh. PB&honey – I have been eating it like there is no tomorrow on saltine crackers recently! Can’t get enough of the salty/sweet combo!

  • Evan Thomas

    I’m a sucker for homemade red velvet cake!

  • I love visiting with my parents because I use it as an excuse to be a total baby. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed! And all those baked goods, mmmm….

  • I love going home and taking a break from grown-up life, too! It’s such a great stress reliever!

    Hope you had a fantastic birthday; I wish I was only turning 25…

  • That bakery sounds delicious! Good for you for splitting the doughnut—I don’t think I would have had the same self-control. Hello cinnamon buns!


  • Jen

    and how do you pronounce that flavor of ice cream? 😉 be prepared for a phone call! i miss you!

  • Lizzy

    o how i love baked goods! 🙂 looks like one amazing weekend! 🙂


  • I’ve always wanted to try beet juice!
    MMM birthday cake, very sweet though, but the eyes always want it!

  • Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyy and that red lentil looks amazing…..
    Hope you had a great bday…