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Back in the fall, my friend Hannah brought me a yummy peanut-butter chocolate chip cookie made by the Alternative Baking Company. I was very impressed and have been looking for them ever since. The company was nice enough to send me some samples a few weeks ago. I received a package that included a nifty bookmark, a peanut butter persuasion cookie, a colossal chocolate chip cookie, and a seasonal coconut macaroon cookie.


Alternative Baking Company cookies are vegan (!!) and they are baked using organic whole wheat flour and sweetened with fruit juice and organic unrefined cane sugar. Each cookie has about 440-460 calories, so I tried to limit myself to 1/2 a cookie at a time, but it was tough!

peanut butter: (4 out of 5 stars) This was a very yummy cookie. The peanut butter flavor was prominent and I could also taste a slight fruit flavor in the background (from the fruit juice sweetener).

chocolate chip: (5 out of 5 stars) I gave this cookie to Nate and he thought it was “really good”. I didn’t tell him it was vegan until after he ate it 🙂


Coconut macaroon: (2 out of 5 stars) This was probably my least favorite flavor – the consistency reminded me a bit of play-doh. However, the coconut flavor was decent – I could see real flakes of coconut on the top of the cookie!

Coconut macaroon

Alternative Baking Company products are available on-line and at stores like Whole Foods. They also make some wheat-free varieties. These cookies are a great way to indulge your sweet tooth while still feeding your body quality ingredients 🙂

  • I have seen those cookies around NYC, but have never bought them because of the high calories. I think it would be really hard to limit to half. Next time I have someone to share with I may have to try the chocolate chip.

  • i’m loving the abc goodies! i am also loving all your weekend eats – especially that falafel pita! yummmmm, and that pic of you with the ice cream is too cute!

    have a good monday 🙂

  • I’ve seen these cookies before, but they were too much $$$ for me, so I kinda stayed away from them, but I might give them a try now! They are pretty high in calories though, and I have never been able to successfully portion control cookies! haha

  • I’ve seen these around but never tried one…sounds like PB is the way to go! That is about as good as my boy gets at giving me reviews on stuff as well, haha.

  • roseyrebecca

    I’ve been seeing these is health food stores, like Whole Foods, for a while but I was really put off by the calorie count. I’d probably half to split it in three and hide the other halves in order to control my portions!! Maybe I’ll give them a try!

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