A Runner in Spain

Hello readers! My running buddy Alma just returned from a 2 week visit to Spain. While there, she kept up her training under the hot Mediterranean sun and found innovative ways to fuel. Alma tweaked the traditional Spanish cuisine to make it more runner-friendly. Read on to see what she ate!

Alma’s Eats:

My usual post-run breakfast- (cheating just a bit on the Mediterranean diet) – rice and wheat flakes, skim milk, full-fat strawberry yogurt, and a nectarine.IMG_2171

Pre long-run breakfast- a Clif bar I smuggled from home, a banana, and Aquarius (basically Gatorade). Today I ran 16km in 33 degree heat!


After my long run with my empty Gatorade bottle.


Afternoon snack of champions- Gazpacho (a.k.a. chilled tomato soup) – one of the best examples of the Mediterranean diet (and I LOVE being able to buy it pre-made in a carton!!!)


Peas and mushrooms (cooked with olive oil and garlic), pork (rubbed with smashed garlic and pimentón), bread, and lemon Fanta (tastes completely different than in the USA, much, much better)!


Dinner – Manchego cheese, Marcona almonds, olives stuffed with “Pimientos del Piquillo” (from my mom’s home region), bread, a nectarine, and cereal with yogurt and milk.


Rabbit cooked with onion, garlic, carrots, potatoes, and massive quantities of olive oil. We ate it with bread and salad.



Red wine from La Rioja!IMG_2174