Squat 'till you drop

On Tuesday, I tried a new class at my gym: willPower & grace. It was basically 45 minutes of non-stop lunges, squats, and planks. After not doing ANY lunges or squats for the past 6 monthes I knew I was going to be feelin’ it the next day.

Here’s a description of the class from the website:

willPower & grace™ is a sweaty, dynamic fusion of the industry’s most popular (and most effective) group exercise workouts.  This class is the cardiovascular solution for Pilates and yoga practitioners.

All you need is your body weight and your bare feet. The cardio segment is a fusion of dance principles, plyometrics and old-school calisthenics, and is based on a functional training philosophy.

My legs were so sore! But in a good way, I think.

I didn’t get to bed until nearly 1am Tuesday night so when my alarm went off at 6:30am Wednesday morning, I knew an a.m. gym visit was just NOT going to happen. Instead, I made a strong cup of coffee (with milk).

Frida coffee mug

Once I got to the office, I had breakfast: Wallaby low-fat lemon yogurt, banana, and a cup of Nature’s Path Heritage O’s. They’re similar to cheerios, but made with heritage grains like kamut, quinoa, barley, and spelt. They are very crunchy and delish!


I hit up the gym around noon for a brief workout – 30 minutes on the elliptical, 30 push-ups, and some IT band stretching/foam rolling. After cleaning up, I dashed back to the office for a 1pm conference call. By the time my call was over I was STARVING. I ate my usual cafeteria salad around 2pm.

Today’s mix contained:

  • mixed greens, red onion, mushrooms, shredded carrot, shredded zucchini, black olives
  • kidney beans & chickpeas (~1/2 cup)
  • feta cheese
  • dried cranberries
  • whole grain croutons
  • Tbs balsamic vinaigrette
  • spoonful of pasta salad


Around 4:30pm I took a biscotti and hot tea break. I didn’t snap a photo so I’m using this google images stand-in. The vanilla almond biscotti was from Starbucks and it was actually very tasty. Not too sweet, just the right amount of crunchy.


I had a re-check with the Sports Medicine doctor right after work. He reviewed my x-rays and re-examined my leg. And the good news is: he does NOT think I have a pelvic stress fracture. Yay! He thinks the pain is from a soft tissue/muscular strain and advised me to keep resting. I agreed that the butt/hamstring pain is feeling better, HOWEVER my IT band has been awful lately. I have an Rx for an IT band strap and another physical therapy appointment next Tuesday. Hopefully my stretching, strengthening, and foam rolling will start to reap some results!

I got home pretty late (~8:30pm) and was looking for a quick dinner. My meal was untraditional, but I think I covered most of the bases: apple, iced green tea, and 2 slices of whole wheat chocolate-chip banana bread with almond butter.


I toasted the banana bread so that the chocolate chips got all melt-y. So good!

Almond butter goodness

After a few hours of writing/emailing/bill-paying I made myself a cup of detox tea and had a plate of Cinnamon puffins. I love the strong cinnamon flavor of this cereal!

Bedtime snack

  • eatinnyc

    I have been meaning to try willpower and grace at my gym! The class is new at my location, so glad you can vouch it’s a butt-kicker 🙂 Love your blog, your running is so inspirational to me…

  • Emily (Healthy Fit Mama)

    That class sounds grat!!

  • Emily (Healthy Fit Mama)

    **great (typing with one hand) 😉

  • the banana bread looks amazing!

    thanks for posting about the willpower and grace class – they have it at my gym but i never know what it was!

  • Thanks for the sweet comments everyone! The class really is a killer – it’s been 2 days and my legs are still feeling the effects of those squates & lunges.

  • How are you liking the Wallabey yogurts? I’ve been tempted to buy them before… 😀

    That banana bread looks sooo good. Melty chocolate chips + bananas + almond butter = heaven. Mmm…

  • I really like Wallaby yogurts! Especially the maple flavor. However, they are totally different from my usual greek yogurt – definitely not as thick.

  • Oh my gosh…chocolate chip banana bread looks so awesome. And you’re lucky you get to eat those tasty salads every day! 🙂


  • heatherj77

    Hi Megan –
    I love your blog + your Frida mug 🙂 The banana bread looks amazing, too!

  • Sounds like a great workout! Squats and lunges are always killer.

    That banana bread looks yummy, too.

  • modhealth

    Great post on Carrots n’ Cake! I was also a Dlll runner!

  • I just found your blog and I love it! Just wanted to say HELLO =)

  • oh man..that class sounds killlller

  • wallaby yogurt is very yummy.

    Also, where did you get that frida mug? love her!!

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