Homeward Bound

After a long bus ride (~4 hours), I finally arrived in my hometown in Pennsylvania ready for my weekend to begin. Despite feeling a little motion sick from the bumpy ride, I was very ready for dinner! My family picked me up at the bus station and we headed to a local pizza joint. We were greeted by a rainbow!


I started off with a diet pepsi and a side salad (mostly iceburg with some green pepper and mushrooms hiding under there). It was just what I was craving – I love the generous sprinkle of mozzarella pizza cheese that they put on top 🙂


My family and I split an order of fries – I had (more than) a few of these homemade potato yummies dipped in ketchup. Along with a slice of square pizza with onions. Yum!

Homemade fries

Pizza and fries

After dinner, I walked for about 20 minutes and enjoyed the cool summer evening. Mom and I finished up the night by picking up some breakfast essentials at the grocery store. On the way home, we stopped for soft serve! I usually get the baby cone because the portions are so generous. I chose a “baby” twist soft serve with sprinkles and a sugar cone. This ice cream dish/cone was the best I’ve had in weeks 🙂

soft serve!

Have a great start to your weekends! I’m off to a bridesmaid dress fitting and lunch outing with Jen and Joe.