Pantry Essentials

I always have the following items in my pantry. I can’t live without them!

1) Apples – perfect with peanut butter, dipped in yogurt, chopped up in oatmeal.Apples

2) Dried and frozen fruit – good additions to yogurt, smoothies, and baked goods.Fruit

3) Yogurt – calcium and protein!Yogurt

4) Dried beans – cheap and full of fiber πŸ™‚Dried Beans

5) Eggs – another inexpensive source of protein, essential for bakingEggs

6) Oatmeal – in bowl or Β in a cookie, I love oats!Old Fashioned Oats

7) Coffee and milk – Necessary upon waking.Coffee & Milk

8) Olive oil and vinegar – the perfect salad dressing and great for grilled veggies.Balsamic & EVOO

9)Β Whole grain bread/bagels – the variety and brand changes, but keeping it in the freezer keeps it fresh. Right now I’m lovin’ Rudi’s Organic bagels.Rudi's Organic Bagels

10) Peanut Butter – The perfect food.Peanut Butter!

And finally – COOKIES! These may not be necessary, but they sure do make me happy πŸ™‚


  • Strangely enough I have almost all those items in my cabinets too lol…we are all part of a Cult lol

  • Jen

    If you like Stonyfield, you’ll love the non-fat Pomegranate Berry yogurt. So smooth and so good. I buy 6 yogurts for the week and 4 of them are usually the Pomegranate Berry.

  • i guess this is way of life, we think invented something but never the less we have the same things at home.
    this list u have here are products i have at home too πŸ™‚

    looks great!