Wilkes-Barre Weekend

I visited Wilkes-Barre, PA this weekend to celebrate my Grandma’s birthday, stock up on baked goods, play with my cat, and spend some time with my newly engaged friends (Hi Jen and Jesse!). Kiwi was being especially cute on Saturday and Sunday. Below are some photos of the little furball. He almost makes my itchy-watery cat allergy eyes worth it 🙂

Me & Kiwi

Kiwi the cat

Ever since highschool, the highlight of a visit to Jen’s house has always been: Mrs. Kaczinski’s brownies!!! The recipe is a secret, but I’m pretty sure they contain crack.Mrs. K brownies

And last, but not least – a visit to Sanitary Bakery! Per Nate’s request (he’s been asking for weeks!) I snagged him 4 vanilla frosted doughnuts, 6 vanilla cream filled doughnuts, and 2 chocolate chip cookies. He has big plans to freeze whatever he can’t consume in the next few days. The best thing about Sanitary Bakery (besides the sugary goodness) is the price. This stuff is SO cheap – $0.45 for doughnuts, $0.65 for brownies. And in case you’re not a Nanticoke native – they apparently ship nationwide 🙂

Sanitary Bakery

Doughnuts & Cookies for Nate