Chocolate Covered Mini Oreos

chocolate covered mini oreos

I am the best girlfriend ever. After Nate’s many fruitless searches for chocolate covered mini oreos (emphasis on the mini, not regular sized), I decided to take matters into my own hands. I bought a bag of mini oreos from Food emporium, melted a hershey’s bar in my microwave, and the result was pretty tasty.

Ingredients – Bag of mini oreos, large chocolate bar or 3/4 cup chocolate chips, glass bowl, foil/wax paper, baking sheet.

Instructions – To prevent the chocolate from seizing, use a completely dry glass bowl.  Break up a large chocolate bar (or use 3/4 cup chocolate chips), and put most of the chocolate into the bowl. Heat bowl for 40 seconds on MEDIUM – 50% power. Stir chocolate and microwave for another 40 seconds at 50% power. Add remaining bit of chocolate and stir until smooth. Saving some chocolate to stir in after microwaving will help firm up the chocolate at room temperature. Take each mini oreo and dip in the chocolate. Place on a foil or wax paper lined cookie sheet. Allow to sit for a few minutes and then place in the fridge. Remove from fridge a few minutes before eating. Yum!!